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The UFC Thread 2022 | Fight Night: Kattar v Chikadze

Every time they show some Tweet, I ask myself who is this person? And the content of the Tweets is not interesting at all.

Send a Tweet.

And just like that…there is a new baddest man on the planet.

Mother of god did Miocic screw up bad. At the beginning of the second it looked like he suddenly forgot that Nganou has nuclear weapons for fists. I hope he gets the rematch, and if he does I would still pick him to win the third. Nganou definitely keeps improving and his highlight reel undoubtedly shows he lives up to his moniker as the “Predator” (I loved how they played the iconic music from the film after he won). I still think the blueprint to beat him holds up though. I don’t care how much of a freak you are, there is a cost to carry around that much muscle mass, and it there is an unavoidable energy expenditure that comes due when grappling. I think if Miocic can wrangle a trilogy he will put on a wrestling clinic. But I think the UFC money machine is gonna push hard for Jon Jones to get in that cage with Nganou. Either way I am excited for the fight prospects.

In other news it looks like Woodley has fallen off a proverbial cliff. I can’t remember the last time I seen someone go from the belt to getting worked over in four straight fights. Maybe Johnny Hendricks? It’s almost a correction of sorts imo. I never really was interested in Woodley as champ, I think his dominance was more indicative of a shallow welterweight division than him being a world beater. I think 170 has exploded with aggressive talent, and his backfooted counterstriking style has no answers. I am really interested in seeing more of Luque.

Sean O’Malley with TWO walkoff KO’s in a single fight…sort of. Dude was clearly head and shoulders above Almeida, but I would like to see how he does against some better competition. The guy hasn’t even beaten anyone in the top 15 but they are clearly putting some marketing behind him.

Really sad that the Ortega vs. Volkov scrap got cancelled. But just means more fun later I guess.

Also really excited for April 24 for the title fight triple header in front of a full crowd.

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I think he should hang them up.

He is 38. Does he want to be like Woodley who also fought on that card. A former champ on the wrong side of thirty with 4 L’s in a row.

He has solidified his legacy.

I agree. I think Miocic screwed up majorly coming in as light as he did. If he could have taken Ngannou down with that single leg and kept him down. All those fast twitch fibres would have been fried.

Definitly Big Riggs fall from grace was way worse. He had three fight skid beat Lombard and then two fight skid. Multiple missed weigh ins. And just overall a shadow of his former self.

You think the welter weight division was shallow from 2016-2019?

I think he fought very conservatively as a champion. Boring fights. Thats how most will remember him. But I don’t think it was because of lack of talent or skill.

He reminds me a lot a significantly better more versatile Dominic Cruz. Now that could be an interesting fight to make.

Ortega is going to get mauled majorly.

Which superfight would you rather see? I’m leaving out the bantam and flyweights since the former title is pretty up in the air and the latter title doesn’t interest me much these days …

  1. Francis Ngannou v. Jon Jones
  2. Jon Jones v. Israel Adesanya
  3. Israel Adesanya v. Kamaru Usman
  4. Kamaru Usman v. Khabib Nurmagomedov
  5. Khabib Nurmagomedov v. Alexander Volkanovski

Personally, #3 is the most interesting contest, but I doubt they’d ever compete against each other.

Well, number 3,4 and 5 will never happen.

Number 2 would be most interesting, both are very technical and naturaly talented fighters.

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All of them except #1 are hypothetical. I don’t think the UFC wants Bones v. Adesanya after Adesanya’s loss at LHW to Blachowicz - but it’s interesting to think about.

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Well considering the greed for money from both Dana White and Jon Jones and they being on the opposite sides, I guess even #1 is highly hypothetical :grin:

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Hands down, without a doubt #1. I would pay top dollar to watch Ngannou send Bones to the land of wind and ghosts.

#3 I never really thought about but I think I would pick that as runner up. I say screw the title and just do it at a catchweight. None of these guys can practically hold more than one belt at a time anyway.

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I would have given so much to have seen prime:
Silva vs GSP
Fedor vs Velasquez

Why did Silva never fight Jones? He had no problem getting up to light heavy weight. Was he dodging Jones?

I think the incentive just wasn’t there for anyone but the fans.

Silva is still this unbeatable juggernaut in my memory. It was such a thing in my mind when Weidman knocked him out that I still remember where I was when it happened.

It is so weird how Weidman broke his leg, as Silva did in their second fight. Silva has had a checkered record since losing the title. Has he lost more since than he has won? Has he retired already?

It is interesting how so many fighters tear up their division with unbeaten, or close to it, records, and then after the first one that really stops them they have a string of losses. I could ream off a few names.


It’s Red Panty Night in the UFC once again as Mystic Mac returns to the Octagon this weekend to complete his trilogy vs. Dustin Poirier!

The first fight at 145 lbs (featherweight) was all McGregor, who got into Poirier’s head before the fight and all over his chin during the fight. Connor finished Dustin in 1:46 of round one.

The second fight at 155 lbs (lightweight) featured a reversal of fortunes as Poirier got ahead of McGregor early with leg kicks and finished him in the second round.

What do you expect for the rubber match? Who does it and how?

Other interesting fights include Wonderboy Thompson v. Gilbert Burns. I’m rooting for Wonderboy because Burns knocked out my man Demian Maia.

Always enjoy the prospect of seeing Greg Hardy get beat down by anybody or anything. Hope to see Tui do it this weekend at heavyweight.

In the prelims, I’d like to see Condit and Ryan Hall do well.

Its going to be the same outcome as the the second fight.

At 155 DP is too big and too strong for CM. I predict a 1st or 2nd round stoppage again.

Wonder boy might get a title shot if he wins this fight. That would be interesting.

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There’s an interesting statistic about trilogy fights in MMA. Usually, the fighter who wins the rematch/second fight, wins the third.

That would be good news for McGregor if he loses to Poirier this weekend. He could do the rubber match against Nate Diaz, whose coming off a very “Nate Diaz”-like loss to Leon Edwards.

Rewatched Wonderboy v Luque the other night. I wish WB had more of Machida’s knockout ability to go with his excellent MMA karate. Great precision, but if only there were a little more power …

I’m glad to see the Suga Show back. Love me some Condit but I think it’s time for him to hang it up . . .

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Yeah I just watched the press conference.

CM is getting starched. Thats it. Its a wrap.

So many small signs. Body language. Behaviour.

And again at 155 DP is a big boy. He was looking thick. He had this thick fat neck and looking at CM sitting across he had what comparatively looked like a pencil neck.

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I’d agree with your prediction, for the mental part. I don’t think DP is ‘too big’ for Conor - everyone said that about Eddie Alvarez, that Conor couldn’t touch him, etc. I just think that there’s a certain hunger that comes from starting from welfare and making your way to the top, and then once you’re literally at the top, you can feign hunger, but when the next 3 generations of your family are fed, it’s not the same type of hunger. It’s like Jack Dempsey, who would fight like he was going to murder people because he used to genuinely fight for his meals after days of not eating, but once he made it to the top, he was eventually outshined and didn’t fight with that same hunger. Of course - I’m not genuinely comparing Conor and Jack as fighters - just using the hunger analogy.

It’ll be a fun fight, though. We know Conor has a chance at winning, and it’d be cool to see him win, just like it’d be cool to see Dustin continue his streak. It’s honestly disgusting how underrated DP is. Think of who he’s beaten! Gaethje, Alvarez, Holloway twice, Conor, etc. He’s so deserving of the belt, it’s crazy. He already deserved a shot, but this is definitely a rubber match I want to see.


I wouldn’t even compare their backgrounds. Conor did not have to fight for his meals and had options besides fighting.

I don’t get Jessica Eye. She has an ok record but I can’t recall a single one of her wins and there’s something about her that I find really annoying. Edit: this is worsened by the fact that she’s walked out to Whitesnake at least one time. In terms of walkout music we could legitimately see the all-time worst (Eye) and best (Condit) all before the main card.