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The UFC Thread 2021: Usman v. Burns

I thought I’d give a catch-all UFC thread a shot. Not every card has a lot to talk about, but almost every card has something to talk about, so maybe this will make it easier to talk about it!

This weekend is Usman (17-1) v. Burns (19-3) for the Welterweight strap. They are “teammates”, which is one interesting angle. Usman has great wrestling and Burns has great, athletic jiujitsu. Usman is the favorite and the line has only moved in his favor. He’s the bigger man (4" taller and 5" reach advantage). Both guys beat former WW champ Tyron Woodley by decision (in five for Usman, in three for Burns) recently. Usman also has a win over top contender Colby Covington (round 5 TKO).


No other fights interest me much on the card - though I’d like to see Jim Miller smack Bobby Green around the Octagon for 15 minutes … Gastelum v. Heinisch could be a fun scrap, too.


I’ve seen people call Usman a “boring” fighter - I disagree. Very technical, skilled, and methodical. And I enjoy a fight without all the bullshit drama. Just two good fighters with different skill sets going at it. I’m excited.

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Miller-Green not gonna happen this time.
And I agree, very interesting main event.

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Ugh! Brutal! Just caught that. Green collapsed backstage. Weight cut? He made 156.

Also forgot (!) about the fight I’m probably most interested in. On the prelims, jiu-jitsu phenom Rodolfo Viera (7-0) middleweight continuing his MMA journey. Very aggressive, very strong, a finisher. Hoping for good things from him.

Congratulations to Usman on the victory!

Not a great night for world-class jiu-jitsu athletes in the UFC. Burns helping turn Usman into a finisher. Viera can’t find a finish after completely dominating a journeyman on the ground early, then gasses, gets knocked around the cage and is finally, almost mercifully, choked out. Good grief.

Not a fan of Usman.

As a first generation American specifically.

He has been in the States since he was 8 years old. Wrestled in American schools with American teammates. Went to an American college. Wrestled at the D2 level. Pursued MMA with American teams.

But he decides to rep the Nigerian flag. Because Nigeria made him the person/athlete he is today? At the very least bring both flags out with you. Or move to Nigeria and take all your training there.

As far as the fight goes. He’s got a stiff jab thats for sure. I think Burns should have capitalised more on when he rocked him in round one. He might have been able to get the TKO.

What a strange thing to be miffed over. I associate my origins with where I grew up for the first 6 years of my life. Growing up in tough conditions can absolutely make somebody into a formidable fighter. Ask all the Dagestanis. He’s proud of his status as an immigrant and proud of his heritage.
I mean, hate him all you want, but your assessment of “fly an American flag or go back to Nigeria” is pretty silly.

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Immigrants are interesting that way: some continue to wave the banner of their birth country; others drape themselves in the U.S. flag as if it were a life preserver. I think it’s the most emotional issue in the world - more so than religion or political ideology. Each to each.

More importantly, where does Usman (3 title defenses) now stand in the all-time WW champions rankings?

GSP (9 defenses)
Tyron Woodley (4 defenses)
Pat Miletich (4 defenses)
Matt Hughes (2 defenses)
Robbie Lawler (2 defenses)

WW champs with zero defenses (BJ Penn, Carlos Newton, Matt Serra, and Johny Hendricks) not included.

By the way, on this subject:

“The flag should never be used as wearing apparel, bedding, or drapery.”

Not that I personally care if someone drapes it over their shoulders, it’s just fun to point out that people wearing the flag to show their patriotism are technically disrespecting it.

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It is not strange.

I am first generation. I find it disrespectful. My father came to the States much like his did.

Origins is one thing.

But typically by convention most people represent the country that moulded them into the athlete and person that they are.

He is not an elite MMA champion because of training he got back home.

So no its not like the Dagestanis at all.

Of course you can say his exposure there helped create the persona and resilient character that allowed him to become champion. But I think give credit where credit is due. Perhaps he is resentful because his father got 10 years in jail for committing crimes. I don’t know.

Sure can.

I do hate him. Or rather dislike him very strongly. Hate is too strong a word.

But anyways this is about showing respect to the country that welcomed you in and provided you all these amazing opportunities that allowed you to climb to the level you are at now.

It’s almost as bad as Naomi Osaka.

Came to the USA at 3 years of age. Received all of her training for Tennis in the States. But decides renounce her US citizenship so she can represent Japan at the Olympics in 2020.

That was not my assessment at all but even if it was it wouldn’t be silly.

I just think that would more authentic and accurate. If you want to represent Nigeria. Live the Nigerian life.

Still does not hold a candle to GSP in my opinion.

Or Matt Hughes who has 7 defences not 2!

He won the title from Carlos Newton had 5 successive defences in a row. Lost title. Won vacated title in his first bout with GSP and then lost it to GSP after defending it twice more.

Definitely rank him above Robbie and honeslty probably Pat. I don’t want to rank him above Pat Miletich. Its hard to say. Like sports changed so much between when Pat fought and now. Like does Pat get more credit for coming up in an era when there was no glamour or money. IDK.

So yeah the real question is. Does Kamaru have enough longevity to make 7 more defences.

Hes had 3 defences in 427 days. So let us just say 1.5 years.

He probably will get one more in for 2021. He is going to be 34 in May.

At this current rate of defences he will need 3 years to make 6 more defences to tie GSP. He would be 37 by that time likely. And thats assuming no injuries, surgeries or lay offs in that time period. Its a tough game.

I really don’t see that happening.

Granted Anderson lost the title to Weidman at 38 I believe.

But they are two very different fighters.

So we shall see.

Yes. My mistake. For some reason I was only thinking about his second run.

I think Usman ranks third behind GSP and Hughes. He only needs four more though to tie Hughes. Masvidal and Covington rematches are probably two of them.

That was your assessment, which is why you followed up your denial with an affirmation of your own assessment. I disagree - I think it’s silly, and I think saying it’s “almost as bad” as someone who renounced their US citizenship is also silly. He didn’t do anything, he just didnt do something you think he should have done.

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Yeah you could be right.

I don’t see him catching up to GSP. But only time will tell.


I think he can fly whatever flag he wants. I find it rude and disrespectful.

If that is how you want to interpret even after I elaborated for clarification that is on you.

This is what I meant.

What are you even talking about. He chose which flag to come out with. He made a personal choice there. He did do something.

Its not ridiculous to find his decision to represent Nigeria over America a bit disrespectful. For all the reason I mentioned above.

You immigrate and assimilate. Get to the biggest platform for MMA then decide to rep Nigeria. Not the country that gave you every single opportunity to make something of your self.

You and I can just disagree on that. That is fine.

I think its strange that your so miffed over this.

Haha, always good to hear the adult version of “I know what you are, but what am I?” Obviously we’re at an impasse so I’ll stop bothering you now.