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The UFC Purchases StrikeForce!


It's a done deal boys.




Dana said SF is going to still go on as independent organization and no superfights between organizations are going to happen. Hope it won't be long till they merge 'em, because that would make for a shitload of incredible matchups. Could even delay GSP's move up the division with Nick Diaz available, and only think of the possible matchups in the HW division we could have. It'll be interesting to see what guys like Reem and Fedor are going to do though, if UFC won't give them any chances to do other sports while doing MMA are they going somewhere else to beat a bunch of cans?

If the end of the world is coming in 2012, at least it'll be one fuck of an MMA year. One could easily imagine that with the width of the roster UFC now possesses you can easily throw together a quality event for each weekend and possibly a couple of fightnights and other kind of special cards between the PPVs.


Damn it ZEB. I was having a good day. Dana White will screw up the tournement in Strikeforce. Barnett, Overeem, and Fedor will almost certainly be gone. Hell, Henderson, Miller, and Nick Diaz are all questionable.


Aw yeah.


Not to mention the fact that Frank Shamrock will soon be looking for other work. The all powerful Dana White will settle the long standing feud between the two with a good firing. It's a sad day for mma.


I am strangely ok with Shamrock getting screwed. He is a legend, but I just don't care for him. He rubs me the same way Mir and Bisbing do.


I don't like this at all.


Dana White has no direct(indirect? maybe) say-so in operations of Strikeforce for next two years. Think more of how WEC was purchased by Zuffa(who actually purchased SF..not the actual UFC)....yet was still promoted under that banner until it was absolved into the UFC. Which is what SF future is...we all know that.


Honestly, it is time to just end GSP and Silva and let the championships become interesting. As much as I love seeing domination, mostly by GSP and not Silva, they just need to fight each other and retire right afterwards with the fight not counting against their records. Forget the middleweight belt; I just want to see them fight and move on from the sport.


I'd rather see Anderson move to LHW and GSP stay at WW.


Well, I can agree with you on that one. But one problem is when power settles into the hands of one man there will be a time when he deals harshly with someone that you do like. Of course the obvious problem will be that fighters in the future will be fighting very cheap as the UFC is the only game in town.


I agree that is its future. But let's be realistic you and I have no idea what is in the fine print of this private deal. There can be all sorts of management clauses which allow Dana White to meddle in the most mundane part of the operation - he now owns it after all. Yes, certain contracts have to be honored, but also certain pressures can be brought upon individuals to break said contracts. When you are the only game in town you have an exorbitant amount of power and control.


We all know I got no love for MMA, but Dana White is a cock and he's going to destroy that sport.

At least when you're like boxing and you've got 150 Dana Whites who all think they run the show, NOBODY ends up running the show.


True, but if you look at the history of boxing Tex Rickard literally made every championship fight in the 1920's. But fortunately, he didn't ruin boxing. As for Dana White, I think he's the lowest form of life. But right now, unfortunately, he's the man when it comes to mma.

I'm hoping that eventually another organization will rise that is well financed and actually understands the game (unlike Trump and company) so that they can give the UFC a challenge. This would mean much better purses for the fighters and choice for the fans.


Exactly. I think merging WEC was a mistake and will slow the pace of those fights and is actually diluting the talent. I thought it was a bad move.

It will be interesting to see what happens with the talent as UFC is clearly making moves to establish themselves as 'the only game in town' for professional level fighters.

LaVesseur is making a come back so I hope to see him rise in the ranks soon.


I like Dana. I don't like the way he's always in the media eye, and always stirring something up (e.g: the Reem thing, the Loretta Hunt thing etc), even the way he conducts business from the little I know, but he was at the helm of the company as it came out of the dark age to become the mainstream entity it is today (and no matter what doubters think, it's good for the sport).

The guy gets shit on forums because he's successful, obnoxious, and a bit of a cunt if you go on some of the media attention he's gotten, but let's be real here, him and the Fertittas helped keep the sport alive.

That said, even with the potential for cross promotion increased and/or big SF names signing with the UFC, I don't like this news. We are now left with Bellator, Dream, and K1, the latter two being owned by FEG, a company plagued with financial issues (based on their well publicized non-payment of high profile fighters). Less competition is never a good thing, but we'll see how it turns out.



I agree with almost everything you said. My change is I respect and feel somewhat beholden to Dana because he has managed to make and keep MMA in the US profitable and popular. I DO NOT like him. If not for his antics and style I would still be watching bootlegs from Brazil and Japan. However, I think the sport is hitting a point where the promotion first model of the UFC is going to start costing fighters and fans. I know it will always be in the UFC's interest to be the only game in town, but it denies the fans match ups and at some point it will start costing fighters a great deal.

Some would argue that White and the UFC are allready grossly underpaying their fighters, and I can see that point. I just don't know if I can agree since that strategy is how the UFC is still writing checks to fighters and other American promotions seem to have the life expectency of humming bird on cocaine.

Regardless the UFC's model, especially when it comes to owning a fighter's electronic image and the limits on sponsors, is going to keep away fighters who draw a ton of revenue from Asian markets. In Overeem's case I can't see him giving up K-1 with all the Japanese money and endorsements to fight in the USA exclusively. Hell, is the UFC even populer in Holland? I know kickboxing is somewhat big there.


sad sad day for MMA, the fighters are gonna be screwed on this. Monopoly is never a good thing.

Poor Barnett, Daley and Fedor.


I saw a web video about 10 minutes long in Which White was saying repeatedly that it is business as usual. As to old beefs with fighter who had gone over to Strikeforce, Dana said that contracts will be honoured. He didn't say anything about what happens after, so I agree with posters saying that there might be too little options for these.

Women were mentioned. Dana had said some time ago that women would never fight int the UFC. Is this going to be the same thing as I suggested above? I think the women can put on a good show, and why not?

I will also add that I go to a website that streams vidoes and some of the viewer comments are Kindergarten level rants and tantrums, so I am glad I can read this forum.