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The Two Exercise Workout


Hey guys

My question is whether I would overtrain if i did exclusively 5 sets of chins/pullups and 5 sets of bench or some variation of db press 5-6 times a week for 6 weeks?

Thje background: I've been diagnosed with an adductor strain or some groianl related problem which means no running, waterpolo for 6 weeks. This includes most lifts too, particularly those which requre stabalisation with the core. So most standing and even sitting lifts are out.I can however do chins and bench.

Without any thing else to vent my energy ill go nuts!


you can chin without using your core to stabalize yourself?


Yes and no. I use my core but more left right balance is done with my arms and shoulders. The problem is in my groin/hip so i can really focus on releasing them and using only my back and arms. Its standing exercises where the force of the weight can move from side to side and recruit the adductor muscles in the hip for stabalisation which are problematic.


If you choose those two exercises exclusively for 6 weeks, be sure to stretch your pecs and lats frequently.
Otherwise you could be at risk of developing nasty posture (internally rotated/slumped) - you probably don't want to increase the risk of getting another injury!

Hope ya recover well.


You could do chest supported rows as well.


Hey thanks guys. Good idea about the chest supported rows I didnt think of them. Im just working from a home gym with a bench and a bar.

I can already see results in arm and chest size, i think its coz im not doing cardio anymore.

U reckon training to failure would be a problem though? Specially given im eating well and ony doing 3 exercises max?


Why can't you do seated military presses?


Beacuase I would have to stabalise myself with my legs and that puts pressure on the adductors


This is one of those occasions where machines will help you train around an injury. Chest supported rows were a good suggestion, especially if you want to bench a lot. I know from experience that my shoulders are happier if I row as frequently as I bench.
As far as working out every weekday, I do that myself. You just have to build in recovery time.

You might do both heavy one day, and light the next, or you could alternate heavy bench/light row with light bench/heavy row.


A time for machines to show their real usage.


Thanks for the suggestions guys. Im working at home so none of the luxuries of machines. I will, however, make sure i keep stretching my pecs and lats plenty.

Im interested in what this will to for my bi's, chest and lats now that I cant do any cardio, becuase i've always thought that the amount of cardio i do has prevented growth. So im gonna post my stats from last week and see how they are three weeks from now.

Date 5/06/2006
Weight 68.1kgs
Waist 70.5cms
Hips 85.5cm
Chest 98cm
Bicep Right34cm

Im gonna keep up:
5x Chins (until i can do 5x8 then ill alternated between pullups and chins)
5x Bench (max reps 8)


Well Heres the update 5 weeks later:

Well after about 5 weeks this is my new stats:

Weight 69.60kg
Waist 71
Hips 86
Chest 102
Right Bicep 34.5

Got a bit more chest but all else seems to be about the same. I included dips close grip bench and upright rows in this. I also changed the parameters to 6 sets of 5 instead of 5X8.

Is this a good rate of weight gain? Coz for a lot of work put into it I dont seem to have progressed to far.


A bit of external rotator work wouldn't hurt either.