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The Two Exercise Workout Plan for Size

Hi Christian,

I’ve been revisiting the above article you posted around a year ago, and I really want to build a plan around this, however bringing it down to one exercise!

In the article you mentioned 4 days per week varying the way you train it, however for my one exercise is like to focus on the Power Clean & Push Press… obviously I can’t have a day focused on slow negatives, so how would you vary the workouts in the week for this lift specifically?

I will supplement this lift with work on the neglected muscles like chest and biceps etc which I’m confident I know how to program in this plan, so I would really like to get your insight on making a 4 day plan around the Power Clean & Push Press.

Thanks for reading, and I look forward to your response


Just thought I’d bump this up to get some feedback?

Thanks in advance!

Actually you can have a day where you focus on eccentrics with the power clean and push press. After the push press you lower the bar back down slowly to your shoulders, then lower it back to the hang position (this won’t be slow) and then slowly lower it down to the floor as a romanian deadlift.

Excellent, thank you!

I look forward to trying this plan out :slight_smile: