The Two-Exercise Workout Plan for Size with Trap Bar Deadlift

Hi Coach, hope all is well.

I have a trap bar at my gym and I have found it hits my quads pretty well in addition to the posterior chain and upper back. In other words, I love the exercise.

Is it a decent idea to substitute trap bar deadlifts for zercher squats in the Two-Exercise Workout Plan for Size? Only problem I see personally is that deadlift variations don’t seem to lend themselves well to slow eccentrics and isometrics. Would any changes be mandated if trap bar deadlifts were used in this program? That is, if it’s an acceptable idea to begin with.

The trap bar deadlift does allow you to control the eccentric since it is more of a squat pattern than a hig hinge pattern. I still prefer the Zercher squat but the trap bar deadlift is a good substitute if you are going to substitute the Zercher.

Awesome, thank you for answering, much appreciated!