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The Tuck


I think this warrants its own thread. How does one NOT sleep like this?

If you do not partake in this glory, please share what it feels like to be a freak.


Oh yes! My girlfriend will always make the bed tucking the blanket under the mattress, and then at night I end up kicking my feet all over the place trying to free my beloved comforter so I can securely nuzzle my cold feet within it's loving warm :slight_smile:



Freak? You're a freak for wanting to be trapped in your bed? What if something happens and you have to move quickly? YOU CAN'T BECAUSE YOUR LEGS ARE TRAPPED!!! Yeah...that's right. I yelled it.


Be a man and kick through the sheets!


No way on the tuck. My feet get so hot and I can't sleep like that. I sleep with my feet out to the sides with no blanket cover.




This was so obvious I wonder who doesn't do it?!


I sleep half on the covers most of the time, no tuck here.

But 1000 points for the drawing!


I hate the tuck, I keep the foot on the outside of the bed outside the covers, I get too hot with both under the covers. The tuck seems like you're basically short sheeting yourself. Horrible frustration when one goes into bed and has been short-sheeted.

If you don't know what short sheeting is, do it to a friend or loved one for a great laugh. Simply put the sheet upside down and backwards on the bed and tuck the bottom (which is now at the head of the bed) snugly under the matress. Then pull the sheet out nice and flat and fold the top of the sheet (which is at the foot of the bed) back to the top of the bed so it looks like you are just making the bed.

Now when someone goes to slide into bed, they will get stuck halfway down and no amount of kicking is going to resolve that problem. When your tiered and just want to go to that happy place and it turns out to be a trap of unimaginable pain and suffering, it's just damn funny.

To help me demonstrate this I have enlisted the help of a horse toothed ginger boy named Phillip.



I heard nazis are found of The Tuck.


I get bad muscle cramps in my calves if my feet are tucked in like that.


My Mrs tells me (outside of snoring like a Grizzly) I get the Jimmy-leg-shake at night. So no tucking for me because it will turn into a kicking contest.


Man fuck the tuck, I get chlostrophobic.


Oh, tucking the covers under your feet. Thank god. I thought it was going to be a thread on trannies.


Jesus man, we didn't say tuck your feet in like you're god damned Tutankhamen!! Just a nice comfortable sleeping-bag type fucking thing that everyone will agree is fucking cozy!!!




I always unzip the bottom of the sleeping bag.


Sweet Baby Jesus Cornbread I don't even know what planet you fuckers are from.

Next we're going to find out people here hate breathing or delicious food or Star Wars or some dumb shit like that.


Feet Cover? Cool.

I absolutely hate the way hotels etc. tuck the sheet under the mattress like it needs to be secured from flying away.

I will violently kick that shit loose, which is not always easy, until my feetz are free from restraints.


C'mon, Nards. Nobody hates those things. Everybody knows that tucking in your feet is like having sex with a condom. It feels better with nothing on.