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The truth behind TCs pec tear!

OK T-men…enough sympathy for TC and his pec. I reread his article and I think I smell a rat. I suggest we try to find out the truth about how he got his pec tear…my suspicions are that either it happened during a fight with Charles P. over the last realdoll in the office, or TC was a test subject for Ian Kings new “Bring on the SCREAMING pain” workout. So I turn it over to you guys…got any ideas how TC’s pec tear REALLY happened? (Panty bin diving gone bad??) Get well TC!!!

Put it this way, TC will never EVER steal my Snapple out of the office fridge again!!! (Insert evil laughter here)

By the way, the big guy will be letting people touch his damaged pec at the Arnold for a dollar a touch. Babes can touch for free, of course.

i think it was TC giving Bill Phillips a huge hug of thanks for letting him move on to bigger pastures

I think it happened when TC was in his office crankin’“Lets get Physical” by Oliva Newton John…TC got into his dance moves a bit much and Snnnnaaaaapp there goes his pec. Either that or after missing the re-run of his favorite TV show A.L.F he got mad and torn his pec while trying to throw bottle of Tribex through the TV screen…Best wishes TC!!

My Guess is TC ripped his pec during group hug time at testosterone headquarters.

For TWO BUCKS, you can stick your finger in the hole.