The Truth Behind Lie Detector Tests

I found an extremely informative site called
All the info is Free and there is even a chat forum to discuss Lie detector test experiences/questions/opinions
For all of you who once thought all one had to do to pass a lie detector was tell the truth guess again. Once you know how these tests really work, you will kick yourself in the ass for having actually believed in the Lie that is the “Lie Detector test”
So much for Natural Bodybuilding contests being 100% natural because they use a lie detector. I guess now we can explain these “Natural Freaks” that have all the signs of juicing yet say they are natural and use the fact that they pass Polygraphs (lie detectors) to “prove” it.

I know that polygraphs measure the conductivity of the skin. Lying causes changes in the skin’s conductivity as well as pain, so you just put a tack in your shoe or something & step on it when you get asked a question, & the test willl come up inconclusive. The testers usually ask stupid questions at the beginning that nobody would lie about, like your name, etc. & when they see the machine going crazy, they don’t know what to think.

I’ve seen guys at the so called “natural” contests putting “icy hot” balm down their pants to cause discomfort in order to pass these tests, and also seen a lot of other strange stuff done to pass tests. A lot of these so called “natural” contestants are shams.

I know a guy who won both of his classes at the Heartland classic here in Omaha. The thing is, you’re supposed to have been natural for at least, the last 7 years. I had seen him popping oxymetholone just 2 months prior. He was also using testosterone and dianabol earlier in the year. What a joke. I don’t even think he’s smart enough to fool a polygraph. lol Yet, he passed.
This angers me. I mean, guys, if you’re going to use drugs, that’s more than fine by with me. However, at least compete on a level playing field here.

Do you guys think Skip LaCour is totally clean?

Actually most of your suggestions are “off” the big lie behind polygraphs is that the only one lying to you is the examiner when he tells you that he needs you to be totally honest, infact if you are 100% honest on the Polygraph you will fail!

The workings of the Polygraph are a little too specific/long for me to go into in this forum, but you can get all the answers you need on the website. Be prepared to feel like a fool for actually believing in the bull shit the Lie detector test really is.
Take some time out of your day to become familiar with this Voodoo science, plus iof you ever need to pass a polygraph now you will know the way to do it and best of all it is FREE!

In answer to your question Hell yes I believe SKIP is juicing, even though in his mind he probably convinced himself he isn’t.