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The Truth About Soccer and Other Stuff

and now you know.

Mexicans from…Ura…Uru…Uruguay. Mexicans from Brazil. Mexicos from Puerto Rico.


Enough said.

He’s a slightly better person than Mel Gibson, I’ll give him that.

Your-peeins and Mexicans really are dominating the game, I suppose it’s because every Central American, South American, and Caribbean nation is Mexico. Damn you, Barack Osama Homo Bin Laden and Fifth-uh!

he’s right, all the people who are good at soccer are socialists!!!
oh wait, jesus didn’t play sports? how do we know this? if he did then he was cheating cuz the other kids couldn’t use jesus powers to control the ball. in my opinion this is worse than using steriods and we should kick him out of the game!!

still can’t believe these people are this easily led. a friend of the family is convinved that flu shots are mind control, though he can’t come up with a reason for the gubmint to do this.

oh and “people who shoot crack-cocaine in their eyeballs”