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The Truth About Slavery


I've known this History for over a decade now, but it's the first time i see a Black man of his community trying to wake everyone up. It is the way it is in America because the powers that be want us divided. Listen and watch. If this is news to you, then you may be shocked.


First off,this isn't news. Africans were involved in the slave trade....but that doesn't excuse the many other travesties involved in African slave trade and slavery in general. He was right about calling out black people who do go out of their way to make white people feel guilty for slavery. But they do not make up the majority.

He should focus on being a religious man,not a promoter of some universal "black guilt." As if I should be ashamed of myself and my ancestors(not all black) just because of my skin color. He only focuses on part of the truth....not it's entirety. As if he is telling people what they want to hear to sooth their ego or something. Or maybe he just hates himself or something. He's no better than the black "low-life" racists he constantly addresses.

"Boom-shacka-lacka" He should add a tap dance to that.


Any white man carrying around guilt for the slave trade, needs a therapist. And, anyone who makes use of this guilt for political reasons, should be ashamed. But, I doubt blacks are unaware of how "diverse" slavers have been in human history.


No matter who enslaves whom slavery is wrong. And we cannot walk around feeling guilty for the sins of our ancestors whether they be white or black. He should have just left it at that.


Manning likes to grandstand, but I love the guy.

He is not trying to make black people feel guilty about slavery. He's trying to say that either EVERYBODY should feel guiltyabout it or NOBODY should anymore and the incessant harping on slavery serves only to perpetuate division among people who have absolutely no contemporary reason to hold this as an issue between them.

I couldn't possibly agree more. I am descended from Georgian slave owners on my father's side and you are descended somewhere along the line from people who were the voluntary ultimate source of his slaves. Do we hate each other forever over this with you calling me a slave holder and me calling you a slave trader or do we recognize that nobody alive today is any way responsible for the past unless they support those past policies?

I vote for the latter. I abhor slavery, indeed I abhor racism. You should likewise abhor the practice of selling one's own progeny and ancestry into slavery. Whether it be to other black tribes, enterprising muslims or white English colonists.

If you do, you agree with Manning. If not you illustrate the very race induced inconsistency he rails against in this video.


How hard can it be to say that? I am in agreement with what you state above,but those were not his words. Manning himself also illustrates race-induced inconsistency when addressing issues like this. He makes a good point,then he almost hypocritically goes on a tirade to remind black people how "vile" they are with their "nappy-heads"..blah..blah. I'm not necessarily just talking about this video...this what I get from all of his videos. You address these issues much better than he does....


But he is saying that. The whole idea about making documentaries and pushing the faces of black people into the realities of the 18th and 19th century slave trades is to drive home the point that your own ancestors were just as active, and maybe even more heinously so, in the enslavement of blacks in this country as the white beneficiaries.

However, what he would really prefer is that everybody of all races once and for all put the damn past behind us and let some authentic lasting healing take place. Hear this my friend... again. The Obama's of the world CANNOT allow this to happen. It is their political stock in trade. As long they can stoke the hatred from blacks and guilt from whites they can continue to sell their destructive big government policies which in turn produce more hatred from blacks and more guilt from whites.

This black man sees that for what it is to his eternal credit.


I understand of all that..I really do. That's not my issue. But pointing the finger to today's black people for slavery is no different than pointing the finger to today's white people for slavery. Regardless if my "African ruler cousins" sold my ancestors,they didn't voluntarily agree to the evils that happened on American soil as a result of slavery. Pastor Manning fails to address that. None of this is one-sided...but the scale tips in one direction more than the other when it comes to responsibility for what happened on American soil.

Trib,I'm not really trying to argue the who's,why's,etc. of slavery. But,distorting or taking parts of the evil truth to make a DEFENSIVE argument doesn't help anyone with this issue. Which Pastor Manning is guilty of. If we are TRULY trying to get past this,you don't do it by continuing to point fingers and place blame....as Pastor Manning does. We should just let it go....from BOTH sides.


I respect this guy a lot for speaking the truth. But the person who bought slaves is just as guilty as the person who sold them. Let's not get unilateral in our placement of the blame. I have never felt guilty for slavery but it is the ugliest thing in the history of race.


Which is his exact point. Why the one way pointing? That's what he's asking. If you (generally, not YOU) really think slavery is still a pressing issue why not hold the source as accountable as the destination? I'll answer. Because that does not serve the socialistic political industry that's been built around black anger and white guilt. If professional blacks would holster their fingers of historical hatred and blame, Manning, I guarantee you, would stand down. It is the political racial industry that utterly refuses to go forward on this score. It would destroy their cause.

Oh come on now. That's a cop out. What do you think was going on there? The tribal chieftains and kings thought they were SELLING their homeys into a better life in America? That they cared one way or another where the hell they ended up or what was done with them as long as they got paid? Do you think they signed western style contracts whereby union guidelines were to be adhered to as a condition of transfer of ownership? Please man. They were conducting business with human product just like we were.

We SHOULD just let it go....from BOTH sides. However when you have one side on an ever expanding campaign of escalation with the stated end of confiscating property from the other the only course left is to highlight the hypocrisy. Manning sees himself as a man first, a creature of God in his image and that viewpoint scrapes all the cobwebs away from this issue for him. He's not siding with whites. He's siding with God as a man who actually does see all men as created equal and he is hence attacking this issue from that standpoint. His blackness is incidental and only serves to intercept the charge of detached white rationalization.


Slavery has happened in all societies. Muslims have been particularly unpleasant neighbors and yet they get a free pass.


I absolutely love that man. Only because his existence produced this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hfZqMkdpYi0


Oh shit!!! LOL!!! I had this guy totally confused with somebody else I had read a bunch of stuff from during the campaign.

EDIT: Or maybe that was him after all. I don't remember now. I was reading tons of stuff then.


The long legged mack daddy


How could you confuse this dude with anyone else? LOL.


Yeah, I just did some checking around and I thought he was somebody else. That doesn't change the substance of this exchange though.


Dude seems not to be a fan of Muslims.

Not that I'm a fan of them, but he seems to REALLY not be a fan.


LOL, Yeah trib, I'm not sure how you can forget about this guy. Out of curiosity, who did you think it was?


I don't remember now. I spent an afternoon about a year ago following links of black preachers and I found some who were solid historical mainstream Christians and who had some solid mainstream Christian reasons to declare Obama a heretical affront to God and America.

I've looked into this guy a little more and he reminds me of Lifty and Orion only on different subject matter. Absolutely correct and absolutely nuts sometimes only syllables apart.