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The Truth About PWO Nutrition?

Interesting considering this flies in the face of everything purported here on T-Nation with Anaconda protocol and other such peri workout systems.

http:// chadwaterbury.com/the-truth-about-post-workout-nutrition/#comments

Interesting, similar to Keifer’s CBL principles, and a plan of eating I personally like.

But people have done great with the Anaconda Protocol. Mighty Stu on here puts a good deal of his Carbs pre-workout. Many have gotten big having only one day a week of eating carbs (Anabolic Diet). Anything can work, but what matters is if it works for YOU.

I am not supporting either one in this post- just shedding light on a totally different mindset. Interesting, especially in regards to fat loss as the goal.

Nate Myaki’s book agrees an insulin spike isn’t needed unless your a natural ectomorph. But there is some disagreement of PWO carbs, even for fat loss.

Carbs are still needed because protein alone isn’t as effective at shutting down the catabolism pathways. He says this is one of the reasons people even with perfect diets can never quite get off those last 10 pounds around the midsection, an over abundance of cortisol never effectively curbed with tactical carbs. He says PWO lipid oxidation remains high to fuel muscle metabolism (sucking in the glucose) while carbs get stored as glycogen.

And there is definitely disagreement of PWO insulin sensitivity and he references some research that says the inactive form of glycogen forming enzymes are turned “on” in the PWO period.

All in all, we clearly have information overload and can only trial n error to find our PWO holy grail.

John Berardi commented on that article in his Precision Nutrition forum.
His reply was:

"The author is wrong about a lot of his physiological points.
But his practical strategies are fine for fat loss.

For example: the body IS NOT insulin resistant after exercise!
In fact MRI/MRS data suggest that the greatest period of glucose disposal in the muscle is immediately after exercise.
So much so that type II diabetics have normal glucose disposal for the brief post-exercise window.

Also: carb intake doesn’t shut down fat burning post-exercise.
Fat is preferentially burned for a short period after exercise even in the presence of high insulin and carbs.
For fat loss, the plan in the article could work… but only because it helps control calories and keep them lower… which leads to body fat losses."

And on mentioning John Berardi:

I’d also noticed that the person interviewed recommended targeting carbs for nighttime consumption rather than aiming them towards the day or consuming macronutrients about equally with each meal.

Personal practical experience has been, and actually this is a great reminder because I’m sure it would work well for me again, was that JB’s approach worked better: consuming P+C during the earlier part of the day and P+F in the later part of the day.

I can’t remember a single persn that I ever recommended John’s approach to that didn’t have a lot positive to say about it.

Really, to me that was rather reverse advice.