The Truth About Pull-Ups

If you’re able to hang from the ceiling, I say go for it! You can always lower the height on the fly if the straps are long enough.

I definitely second this, ring inverted rows are a staple of mine, good form is difficult yet very rewarding with even just bodyweight, let alone adding a weight vest.

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Chiming in on the ring pull ups. These are pretty much all I do as well (at least when I do them at home). I also do all of my dips on them. I feel like a good set of rings is overlooked as a completely necessary piece of training equipment for those interested in more athletic-focused training. Pull ups, dips, push ups, ab fall outs, inverted rows, front levers, all types of static holds… They are certainly worth the investment.


I’ve used them before for flies and they’re very challenging, yet so effective. I prop my legs up on a plyo box and go to town. Getting over the initial oscillation of the rings can be a bit unnerving, but the juice is certainly worth the squeeze.