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The Truth About Dairy?


Hi. I've read many posts about dairy and I'm confused. People say it is low GI but causes a large increase in insulin. So should it be avoided? Does this large insulin response also occur from cheese? What about cottage cheese? I have read articles warning diabetics from consuming cottage cheese so I assume it does. Would that make it a bad combination to have with fats in a P+F meal?

Would skim milk be good post workout? What if I had a shake of skim milk and metablolic drive? (I'm looking to add mass but not too much fat...I add fat VERY easily so I'm worried about using Surge)





What ones are you talking about, as some have no insulin, other have a lack of sensitivity. Depends on the whole diet rather than one particular component.

ypu realise that all proteins increase insulin?




Dairy in general does not need to be avoided unless it affects you personally. As a diabetic myself, I've never had any issues with cheese having much affect on my glucose levels. From what I've read and experienced, cheese and most other dairy products only have adverse affects in large quantities.

I can't speak for cottage cheese as I've never eaten it. But read the label. If the carbs are there it may have an effect, if they aren't it's impossible.

Are you diabetic?