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The Truth About Bodyweight Set Point?

Hi everyone
Greetings from India

Back in college 2005-2010 (I started lifting seriously in '05) my weight seemed to stay in the 85-90 kilo range. I competed in '07 at 84 kilos. FB_IMG_1561019889258

In '10 I had a stroke, leaving my left side paralyzed… I still started working out after maybe an year…
Got back down to 86 kilos and semi visible abs! Around 2012

Then I struggled with drug addiction… ( Oh the struggles of my life🤣). Ultimately I got clean after a brief stint at rehab. Have been clean since December 30, '15… I also have bipolar .
Being put on medication, mood stabilizer etc … I kept putting on weight… And ended up at 117 kilos IMG-20190620-WA0004

On 18 nov.'18

I woke up, and decided to take back control and have been consistent with my workout since 19 Nov '18. I also eat right 80 % of the times.

Now at 101/102 kilos FB_IMG_1561019861781

But since March this year, weight has kinda’ been stuck in the 99 -103 kilo zone…

(I did a 22 day cycle in first 3 weeks of April, weight did not change much but I got more vascular in the calves and forearm and lower quad area)

Thank you for reading the post till here! My question is, should I keep doing things just the way they’re continuing or do I need to change anything?
Currently I’m trying to follow tc luoma’s 5/2 protocol (5 days of eating at maintanence and 2 days of 2x400 Cal meals 12 hours apart)

Any advice is appreciated!
Thanks :blush:

I’m not trying to tell you your business, but you had a stroke in your early 20s, then struggled with addiction, and still think a steroid cycle is “taking back control”?

Are you sure your priorities are in order?


Yes, and that is a choice I made. After due diligence

Let’s say you eat 3 meals a day. That’s 21 meals in a week. This would mean that, in one week, you are eating 4 cheat meals. That’s almost 1 per weekday.

Try to get that number closer to 1 a week. You will see better results.

Can really see the vascularity in the last pic.


You’re going to have to give detailed information about calories, macros, and the actual foods you’re eating.

The body is all about homeostasis (the tendency toward a relatively stable equilibrium between interdependent elements, especially as maintained by physiological processes) and it fights us when we try to lose weight rapidly.

If what you are doing is no longer producing results then you need to change a variable. Reduce calories, increase physical activity or eat better sources of your calories (substitute good carbs for bad carbs or change your macros).

The important thing is to only make minor adjustments and make them one at a time. That will let you determine if the adjustment worked. It also gives you room for more changes. If you do everything all at once then you have no tools left when you hit the wall.

Well he has sorta made it others peoples business by posting wouldn’t you say? So I would say a apology on your part up front is not warranted.

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What in the utter fuck is that first photo all about😂

This place is so tame nowadays.

Posting that pic in 09-10 would have been DEFCON 1 for banter.


It is what it is man!
I want to improve, that is why I am here
And considering the fact that you joined in 2011, how t f would you know what would have happened in 09-10?
I still looked better than you,
If you don’t have anything useful to contribute, please don’t waste other people’s time

He is saying that, if that photo had been posted on these forums in 09-10, there would have been a reaction to it. I imagine he lurked before he made an account.


To be fair mate, you probably looked better than me when you were having your stroke but hey ho :kissing_heart:

My comment was more an observation on how cordial this place has become. Sorry for hurting your feels. Back rub?

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My bad, I’m sorry

The placement of the dude’s right arm (the guy on the far right) makes it look like a few naked dudes just hangin’ out.

Based on your post, it seems like you are looking for a quick “any means necessary” way to get back to looking like you did in the first pic. It also appears that your thinking is: once I get back to that, everything will be good again. I would warn against things like steroid cycles and extreme dieting approaches, especially for someone with your history. Even if you were to magically get there again, as you have already learned maintaining that is difficult and another downward spiral is possible.

I would focus on your health and performance, and let your improved appearance happen naturally. If you are fit, strong, and eating well, you will look good. Don’t over-obsess about “vascular calves” or specific areas like quads and forearms. You’ll just be constantly searching for perfection that will never come.

  1. Lift
  2. Eat Well
  3. Run
  4. Rest
  5. Repeat steps 1-4 forever.

Might take 3 months, might take 3 years, but either way you’ll get to your goals following Steps 1-5.


I won’t comment on your use of gear because I have my own personal opinions and don’t force them on others. I don’t use myself, but I have and do coach people who choose to use them… and I will say that they are on top of their diet, training and cardio perfectly before they worry about PEDs helping them reach their goals.

80% clean diet? Seriously? That’s not really taking control because YOU can control what you eat while other factors you really can’t.

Diet? Training? Cardio? What has been your recent rate of progress with your current approach?


(That shadowed pics reminds me of an old poster here who after countless hunched over and filtered locker room selfies famously posted up a barely visible darkened room pic that showed… pretty much a blurry shape -lol)


Hmmm no other hint on the mystery eXposter your talking about? :smirk:


You know, as much as X used to piss me off to no end, I miss him for the entertainment value he provided. Whenever I would see that he had posted, you would always know that a WTF comment would be forthcoming. Wonder what became of the crayon toting fellow?

I was wondering the same.

Hmmnnnnn :thinking:


Please let this thread reach maximum WTFkery.

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