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The True Reason to Lift




yeah, you should put the real pic up as an “after the V-Diet” photo…cause ive seen it in person and the david has a SWEEEEEEEET deadlift butt.


thanks for wasting my time with that retarded site


That site upsets my tummy.


that site fucking rocks


I like the shirts such as:

Brosef Stalin and Alexander Brovechkin


That site was a waste, because half the time you can find the same points right here.



ooo ID I see what you did there…


i loled


Did you see the shirt with ‘‘Ask me about my muscles’’ writed on it??


''How Under Armor is the greatest invention of the past 20 years. ‘’

Got a chuckle outta this one…


Thinking about it: Do you think that that site is serious or is it a parody? I’m leaning towards parody…


I liked that site.


you would


I thought it was serious until I read halfway through the list and decided nobody can be this bad