The trip to 200 and beyond

OK I thought I would start a thread for the T-men on the trip to 200 and beyond.
Its only been about 8 days offically but I thought we could use this for some updates.

Since starting the trip I have packed on 8.4 pnds, starting before Sept 1 I may add I cheated and started the day the challange was made.

Currently finishing one of Kings programs and expecting to start training Westside in about 2 weeks.

Personal goal 220.

And I started late. Today was the first day. I entered at 198…we’ll see what I am next week at that time.

Im on week 6 of my mass gaining phase. Ive been doing something very different, but with massive eating. So far this is what has happened:
started at 156lbs. at 7.7%
Now Im at 163lbs. at 7.8%

  • both readings from tanita BF scale

My workouts have been like this so far:
week 1-3
“Great Arms” by Ian King
“The Next Big Three” by Chad Waterbury
Week 4-6
“Great Arms” by Ian King
“Meltdown II” by Don Alessi

Planning on doing one more three week phase of Great Arms and Meltdown I for weeks 7-9.


Cuda how can you put on 8 pounds in 8 days? That is a serious amount of calories, some of that must be water.

Much like my 3-4 pounds so far, which im guessing is about 90% water gain (due to previously being on a dieting phase).

I just started a new thread in the T/N forum: Race to 200 contestants. It lists everyone who is competing. Feel free to correct any info you feel is missing or is pertinent.

I have upped my pro. intake to 300gm and started using creatine, so yes some is water weight. I actually started in Aug so it has been more than 8 days.

I plan on starting a Mag-10 cycle once I finsh with the King program.

I am glad to see there is progress being made by everyone and must say you guys rock, and help keep the motivation alive to reach my goals.

Oh yeah I am also taking 3 grms. TT a day

Cuda you mean at 200 pounds you were previously below 300 grams (1.5g/pound) of protein per day?

Thats how much I supplement with shakes not including with my whole food meals. I am around 2 + grams per body weight.
Thanks for catching that though. keeping me on my toes i see

Ahh, makes much more sense then.

I was just gonna ask you how you got by on so many carbs and fats.

I’m usually running about 300-400 grams protein/day now, have been for quite some time. Just upped carbs beyond that to get cals up, fat still is around 100 grams/day for me.

Sitting at 176 as of Sunday, won’t get on a scale again till Thursday.

the abbreviation for pounds is lbs.

Sorry Goldburg By the way what happend last night with evolution kicking your ass with that chair…lol By the way nice shirt


Do you think Westside is the single best program to put on weight?



All of the information that I have ever read states that in order to gain size you need to work in the 6 to 12 rep range.

That is not to say that working briefly in other rep ranges will not help regarding breaking out of a rut. You can develop other muscle fibers.But, overall the 6 to 12 rep range has worked well for many years.In fact, this information predates Westside by 75 years or so!

Stoit I was going to start an EDT program but after seeing ryno’s progress I will reconsider and oh yeah Goldberg is an insperation too.


Good luck, let me know how it works!

STOIT. If you could have only seen the big motherfuckers that i saw this weekend. Any one of them would be the biggest guy you ever saw. And if you really knew about Westside you would know that the principles that Westside is based on were developed in the old soviet union along time ago. About 50 years ago to be exact. Keep doing your 6-12 rep protocol because the science behind that is much stronger.


I have no question that the Westside protocol will produce results. Nor do I doubt that the Westside group is large. However, with that stated it still does not prove that there are not better protocols for gaining size.

I think its a great idea to change training programs, for many reasons. If your goal is to become stronger in the three powerlifts then by all means Westside is one of, if not the best! I think this has been conclusively proven by the number of success stories that have come directly out of the Westside Gym.

My original question was this: Is Westside “the” best way to gain hypertrophy? It just maybe that it is, but as yet it has not been proven to be.

Perhaps “the” best way may very well be rotating various quality training programs one such being Westside!

However, until there is more proof relative to Hypertrophy I will stick to my 6 to 12 reps, thankyou.