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The Trinity: Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman


I don't post much around here anymore, but I couldn't find anything on this yet, so can we discuss this y'all?



Two things:
1: Gal Gadot looks much more fitting for the role of Wonder Women now
2: Is there a plot for this movie, or is everyone going to sulk around? At least in the Dark Knight Returns Superman had a reason for fighting Batman.


1) Ben Affleck will do fine.

2) How are they gong to explain/work with Gadots Israeli accent?

3)Superman is awesome.


I'm not a comic book guy, so I'm lost. How does Superman exist in the same world as Batman? Why didn't Superman fly in and help kick Bane's ass? Where was he when all that shit was going down?


Ohhhh.. Wonder Woman! I wonder if she'll have her invisible plane or her lasso!


LOL Jake you have to know how relieved I was when I saw the WW costume. Looks pretty good.

Also, I hope this is legitimate leaked pic, and it kind of points to a DKR arch:



Accent? What accent?! Sounds fine to me. You have an accent.


Definitely legit. Straight form the comic-con trailer released last night. A very shitty camera phone version is here on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9jwgy0J5lKE

Try to watch that without nerdgasming. I have literally watched it 30 times already despite the shitty resolution.


I still would've liked to have seen more muscularity, especially in her legs.

No plot details have been revealed as far as I know. Maybe Lex Luthor will be playing the role of inventing the conflict between these two, much like the Joker did between Wayne and Dent in The Dark Knight.


Not a Rush thread?

Oh well.

About the new WW: she looks hot and all, but she isn't built like Wonder Women. Xena wouldn't even bother kicking her ass, she'd justr bitch slap her from the looks of it. If this WW ran into real trouble, she looks liked she'd go the way of Sophi Fatale:


I'm still confused how WW fits into this, besides setting up everything for JLA



Eh. She still looks a lot like Wonder Toothpick to me... I wish they'd either cast someone with more muscle or put more muscle on her between the time she was hired and when shooting started.

Hollywood is slow as fuck to change their modus operandi though. They probably think their audience is too stupid to handle a woman with actual muscles. You know because everyone is so weirded out by muscular Crossfit chicks these days. And because no one liked Brienne of Tarth in GoT. Oh wait neither of those things are true...


This reminded me of a picture I saw of the Avengers.


Wonder Woman has bigger legs than Captain America


And here they are having their asses handed to them


Batman Vs. Superman looks dull...and I just mean in the color sense.

It feels to me like all the people involved are ashamed to be making a superhero movie. At least marvel movies act like they're making a comic book come alive.


I understand your point, but I feel the opposite about it actually. Marvel movies very much show that Disney influence in all their pictures, and DC needs to find a way to distinguish itself. I think the somber tone is the way to do it. From what I know about Snyder, he's very much into the comics and wants to pay homage to them much more than Nolan ever did. And DC comics have gotten pretty damned dark. Just watch any of the animated JL movies from 2010 on and they all have that same dark apocalyptic tone and have been critical hits.


DC just rapes Marvel in animation especially when it comes to animated films.


I'd also say DC wins as far as live-action shows go. Arrow is great, and Flash and Constantine should be awesome as well. I'm not saying Agents of SHIELD is bad (it isn't), but it can really drag on at times