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The Trev gets his face chopped off Get Well Support Thread 5000

I’d just like to take a moment and reflect on the fact that tomorrow, at 6 am Eastern Standard, fellow Forumite Trev will undergo the rare and lengthy (okay, outpatient) medical procedure of having his deviant septum, uhm, undeviented. Yeah. So get well soon Trev, because I still owe you money.

MBE: “Uhm, any of the T-vixens wanna play doctor? Since 1703.”


MBE, you’re the best brother. To translate for the rest of the gang, I have a deviated septum which I’m getting fixed so I can, um, breathe. And, NO, it is not my not-so-secret term for cosmetic surgery. I’ll also be have a pre-earricular cist removed…yuck.

I'll be out of the gym for about 2 weeks, so say the docs, so I figure some Androsol will keep the catabolic beast at bay. Eric, thanks again for the support.

T: "Goin' Undah the Knife so's he can Breave fo' Life" - since 6am tomorrow morning.

This is a bit strange, because just today this hot girl I know from school IMed me (I haven’t talked to her for months)… she just got her bandages off 2 days ago. They fixed her deviated septum, and she had some cosmetic work done… now she’s talking about possibly suing the doctor. So good luck, Trev!

He’s getting what chopped off?