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The Travolta Spot


My buddy Al died over 7 years ago. He was an awesome guy with tons of personality and an optimistic attitude. He didn't consider the glass to be half full, to him it was always full.

Anyhow, in tribute to Al, I like to spread the story of the Travolta Spot.

Al's family was more 'cultured' than some of my other friends or myself. They were world travelers and had lived in Indonesia for many years. They never had cable TV, and so Al wasn't quite as aware of what was going on in Hollywood as the rest of us.

In the mid 80's I think it was, when John Travolta's career was pretty much tanked, Travolta was the only 'star' that Al could name. So when Al found the 'perfect' parking spot right in front of where he was going, he'd refer to it as a 'Travolta Spot.'

I still use the term to this day, as do my wife and 7 yr. old son. My son and I argue sometimes what constitutes a 'Travolta Spot.'

So, if the thought ever comes to mind when you find that ultimate parking spot, tell your passenger that you got a 'Travolta Spot.' Then you have a story to tell.

\|/ 3Toes


That's a great way to remember your friend...

Though, I have heard of this spot being called "The Kojak Spot".

The reference is that even if it was 5:00 in midtown Manhattan, Kojak would always have a spot directly in front of the door.

The Beastie Boys mention it in a song, too.


Dude, from here on out my "rockstar spot" will be the "Travolta Spot"

...Even though I think Travolta is a douche.

Very cool way to remember a good friend. Good Story.



Cool story...I thought this was going to be about some dude walking around like Vinnie Barbarino helping you out on the flat bench or something.