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The transporter

Did anyone see this movie? The guy (jason stadum?) Looks like he could rip you apart. Does anyone know what type of training he did for the movie?

Mr. Statham (Snatch;Lock, Stock, Two Smoking Barrels; Ghosts of Mars) has done some boxing, some kickboxing and even likes to drive real fast cars (is licensed).

Corey Yuen, director of The Transporter is one of film's better fight choreographers, too. Notably, X-Men and Kiss of the Dragon. The training for Jason involved scuba "stuff"(especially for the underwater sequences) as well as preparing for the fight scenes.

And I haven't seen the movie - but will this weekend. A good friend described it as, "action porn" and I recently read a review that said, "the BEST action film Steven Seagal NEVER did..." Gotta like a film that receives a review like THAT!

I am not sure what type of training he did. It’s funny though, because previously he was in 2 Guy Ritchie movies (‘Lock Stock and 2 Smoking Barrels’ and ‘Snatch’). He just looked like a little skinny guy in those movies. So he either buffed up a bit or they did some good work with the camera/lighting.

And as we all know, if you train like him, you’ll look just like him! Train like Bruce Lee and you’ll be built like him. Train like Ronnie Coleman, and you’ll look like him! Works every time. (NOT!)

I’ve got to put my 2 cents in here. The Transporter is the best action flick I have seen since The Matrix came out. The fight scenes are amazing, the car chases are perfect and there is a really hot woman in it too!

Jason Statham used to be a pro soccer player, so he definitely has the athletic background to support the role. I have seen the movie, and it’s terrible, except for the action scenes. I expected a lot more from the man who gave us The Professional. It seems that intelligent action movies are a rarity these days, they all seem to be more like 90 minute music videos to me.

I agree with ghostface. I was not impressed, I thought it would be much better. I thought the acting was really poor. The action scenes were alright, reminded me of a Jackie Chan flick. The best part of the movie is when he kicks the door in, that was sweet.

I don’t know. It looks kinda cheesy to me from watching the trailers (esp. the door kicking part) but from reading the reviews here - great action and hot chicks, I might see it this weekend.

What are you guys talking about, the whole movie was an “action scene”. Something blows up every 5 seconds. I just saw it this weekend (and going way off topic here) thought it was completely ridiculous and dumb but fun. If you like lots of fight scenes and explosions, and don’t demand realism in your movies, you’ll probably enjoy it. I liked it.

To Ghostface… What professional soccer team did he play for then…?? Are you not getting confused with Vinnie Jones, his co-star in Lock Stock and two smoking barrels, Snath and Mean Machine. Vinnie used to Play for Wimbledon, Chelsea and Millwall -although not in that order-and don’t quote me on that, could be wrong. I believe that Jason Statham used to be a male model and that’s how he met his girlfriend Kelly Brook - who also guested on Smallville and another series in America which we haven’t seen in the UK…

Cheers Stubob…