The Training Thread

Hey Guys, I was just sitting here, and thought I might start a Thread concerning all the different types of Techniques/methods for training. We’re talking absolute strength, speed strength, strength endurance, strength speed, limit strength. (please feel free to add any qualities I missed). Also, functional hypertrophy and sarcoplasmic.

This can also include periodization models for strength, such as the conjugate. Or the Wavelike Conjugate Perioidization CT so kindly taught me.

So feel free to post anything on training different qualities, different exercises, advanced techniques, and whatever deals with strength training, or bodybuilding.

Well lets see where this gets us!

Not to flame but is that not what the forums are in general. A place to post such things, They are broken into areas such as Building Better Body, Strenght Sports, etc. Then we post more focused topics that relate to each under these broad areas.

Once again not to flame I just dont see this as much of a use.

Just My opinion though.

Xfactor, I really think you need to read a book. Actually, quite a few of them :slight_smile: This is what Eric Cressey suggested a while ago on forum:

  1. Supertraining
  2. Science and Practice of Strength Training
  3. Strength and Power in Sport
  4. Science of Sports Training

Since you’ve been posting a lot of new threads about periodization and training programs, and I alredy responded to one of them, I have to ask: What exactly are your goals? Do you want to become a coach or are you just trying to set up a program for yourself? Maybe taking a CSCS is an option for you?