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The Training of the Hal



Right, been really busy this summer and haven't bothered logging, but here I am. Got to 5x5x180kg on deadlift and 5x5x165kg on high bar squat, and I've done various other things too xD. I've lost a ton of fat; I'm currently around 90kg bodyweight, and looking in good shape generally.

I feel like I need to push my squat numbers back up again, so I'm running Smolov base as a lazy option to get my high bar up to 220kg+.


WG Bench: 8 x 8 x 100kg

CG Bench: 5 x 12 x 70kg


HB Squat: to 4 x 9 x 130kg

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OHP/PP: 5 x 60kg, 5 x 70kg, 5 x 80kg, 5 x 90kg

Deficit SGDL: 3 x 4 x 120kg

SGDL: 3 x 3 x 140kg

DB lateral raise ss w/ Bradford Press: 4 sets to failure

Machine Shoulder Press: 2 sets to failure

Later -

WG Bench: to 6 x 8 x 105kg



HB Squat: to 5 x 7 x 140kg


Moved house and stuff recently so haven't been on here much, but getting back into a semi-Bulgarian routine again now. Still doing high bar squats at the moment, hitting about 200kg as a minimum everyday. Aiming for a 240kg high bar squat by the new year, allowing me to compete in wraps and go for 600lbs at last!

I hit a 220kg axle deadlift yesterday after squats without too much trouble, and I think I might push these for a while - could deadlift at least as much as my previous PR at the moment, despite having lost weight, and I enjoy using the axle. Bench also ok, did loads of doubles with 140kg this week and I'd say I'm not far off my best there either, so should be looking at at least a 170kg bench next time I compete.

Nothing much else to report, I'll probably keep updating once a week or so for now and perhaps return to a full log when I start preparing for an actual meet in the spring.


More high bar squats today, followed by axle deadlifts up to a relatively easy new PR of 230kg! Looking at a deadlift bar deadlift of at least 250, pretty pleased with that. Finished with some bench up to 140kg and then reps (sets of 6) at 120kg. Feeling strong.



Quick shot from a few weeks ago to show fat loss - actually quite a bit leaner again now, but you get the idea! In a decent position to compete at 90kg with a 24hr weigh in if I can gain a few kgs of muscle; I now have a meet scheduled for February so look out for some major progress this winter!


Shows the beginnings of ab definition better than the last one... Right, new knee wraps arrived today, so this is the official start to my prep for the Welsh Qualifier meet in February...

Current Numbers:


High bar - 200kg everyday max, no wraps
SSB - 180kg x 2, no wraps
Competition Squat - ??? Probably around 230kg after fat loss


Maintained at around 155-160kg despite losing 13kg bodyweight, decent starting point


Axle bar - 230kg
Deficit - 210kg
Conventional - ~240-250kg

Going to compete in wraps as it sounds like more fun tbh :sunglasses:

So... looking for a 260kg+ squat, 170-180kg bench, and 272.5kg deadlift!!!

Let's go!



MEET PREP: DAY 1 - Return of the Low-bar Squat...

Squat: 3x100kg, 3x140kg, 2x180kg; 1 x 200kg, (add wraps) 1 x 220kg, 1 x 230kg

Low bar technique was WAY off, but 230kg was still easy with wraps, despite feeling horrible XD! I asked someone (gym owner and powerlifter) for advice getting back into it, and he said I was letting my knees come miles forward and acting like it was an Olympic squat; no surprise after so long doing high bar I suppose.


Box Squat: (for low bar reinforcement) just up to 3 x 140kg

Glute-hamstring raise: sets of 12 going up to 3 x 12 x 32kg (in kettlebells)

superset with

Dips: 3 x 20

Pullups: 4 x 8 (paused)

Overall not too bad, looks like 270+kg could be achievable in wraps by February, and I know what to work on: time to go for it and put the effort in.


Omg, really can't believe this!! Crazy difference from changing my diet a bit (now low-ish carb) and training consistently for another year (or slightly less I think): apologies for the weird expressions




Bench: to 3 x 2 x 140kg, 5 x 3 x 130kg

Pullup / Dip Superset: 20 / 12, 20 / 10, 15 / 8

Dynamic Box Squat: to 6 x 3 x 140kg

Leg Extension: 20, 17 (sets to failure)

Feeling sharp! Bit light headed after all the fast-paced work though... :laughing:


Congrats on the fat loss! Drastic change.

It's tough mentally to let some strength go to recomp, but you'll come back stronger than before, and look the part!


How have I just now seen this log? great progress and sick squats!!!

in for continued awesomeness.


Thanks, and yeah exactly I should be more competitive long term with more LBM for my weight class.


Thank you! Been posting here for a while but been busy lately so haven't posted as often. My best squat was 257.5kg at 102kg without wraps, so looking for at least 272.5kg / 600lbs with wraps at 90kg this year. Should be good!



Box Squat: to 3 x 180kg, 3 x 3 x 190kg (call it a PR, why not? No wraps btw)

Seated DB Press: 10, 8, x 35kg DBs

Glute-ham Raise: 2 sets with 2 x 16kg KBs

Kettlebell Swings: 20, 15, x 20kg KB

Not bad, really learning to apply tension again with these box squats! Loads of posterior chain work... I mean SO MUCH posterior chain work.... XD



Squat: to 2 x 180kg; add wraps, 1 x 220kg, 1 x 230kg, 2 x 200kg; 2 x 180kg (no wraps)

(5 sec pause) HB Squat: 3 x 3 x 140kg

Hamstring Curl: 3 x 12

SGDL: to 5 x 2 x 150kg

Deadlift: 4 x 2 x 180kg

All HB and pulls were beltless. So much more in me with the wraps, but my technique is still inconsistent so just 230kg again for now to get back into low bar squatting.



SSB Box Squat (inch above parallel): to 3 x 160kg, 3 x 170kg, 3 x 5 x 180kg (call it a PR, no wraps)

Axle Press: to 3 x 2 x 90kg, 5 x 5 x 70kg

GHD Back Raise: 4 x 10 with massive KBs (!)

CG Bench: 5x100kg; 2 x 5 x 120kg, 8 x 100kg

Then in a later session...

HB Squat: to 1 x 180kg, 4 x 3 x 160kg, 1 x 180kg, 3 x 160kg (all belt only)

DB Press: 32.5kg DBs x 6, then a sorta drop set into Cuban presses and lateral raises, to failure

Good effort, feel decent and upping the workload massively to build overall conditioning and confidence under the bar.



Session 1:

Deficit Deadlift: to 1 x 190kg, (add belt) 1 x 210kg (=PR?), 1 x 220kg (PR?), 1 x 230kg (definite PR!), 2 x 1 x 210kg, 2 x 190kg

Parallel Box Squat: 3x100kg; 3 x 140kg, 3 x 3 x 180kg


Session 2:

GHD Back (hip) Extension: 2 x 10 with purple KBs

Bench: 5x100kg; 3 x 140kg, 4 x 3 x 130kg

HB Squat: 1x70kg, 1x120kg, 1x160kg; 1 x 180kg, 1 x 190kg, 3 x 3 x 160kg (all belt only)

GHD thing: 2 x 10 again

Feeling good with the two a days, let's finish this... #timefor300kg haha


Following squat every day log. Good luck!