The Training of the Hal

(January) 2nd

Squat: w/u with 5x100kg, 3x140kg, 2x185kg; 1 x 225kg, 1 x 240kg, 1 x 245kg (=PR), 2 x 215kg

Push Press: 5 x 60kg, 5 x 70kg, 4 x 80kg, 3 x 85kg, 2 x 90kg, 1 x 100kg

Press from Pins Overhead (standing): ramped up to 80kg x 3, then 9 x 60kg

Bench: to 6 x 110kg, 2 x 5 x 120kg
Cable Row: 8 x 90kg, 8 x 105kg, 8 x 120kg

That 245kg squat was the closest I’ve come to missing because my legs simply couldn’t move the weight - normally I keep the weight back on my glutes and lower back etc. and don’t feel much in my quads… If I start missing squats at lockout raw I might be able to get some kind of weirdness certificate. Anyway, great work!


Squat: 6x100kg, 5x140kg, 2x180kg; 1 x 220kg, 1 x 230kg, 3 x 215kg (=PR?)

Deadlift: 3 x 140kg, 2 x 180kg, 1 x 210kg, 1 x 220kg
SGDL: (beltless) 3 x 3 x 140kg, 2 x 160kg, 1 x 170kg (PR?)

Good effort again! 160-170kg snatch-grip, belt- and strap-less, is pretty tough, and a nice 220kg pull again after squats isn’t letting me down too badly. Going home today, so training will be more normal again (schedule + equipment wise).


Rugby: up to 7 sec. to sprint 60m, then 23 sec. to rest, x max reps. I got to 7 or 8 reps then my calves started to cramp so I pulled out. Could be far worse, I felt fast even if my endurance isn’t the greatest. Then skills etc. and more fitness.


Squat: 3x120kg, 2x170kg; 1 x 220kg, 1 x 230kg, 1 x 240kg, 3 x 220kg (PR!)

Push Press: 7 x 70kg, 4 x 80kg, 3 x 90kg, 2 x 95kg, 1 x 100kg

There was no time to finish with light bench triples like I’d planned, so I did 80 push-ups, which were actually quite enjoyable, over two sets (50, 30) then left it there. Great work done again today despite having a cold.


Squat: w/u with 3x70kg, 3x120kg, 2x170kg; 1 x 220kg, 1 x 240kg, 1 x 247.5kg (546lbs, PR!), 2 x 220kg

Cuban Press: 8 x 28kg DBs, 10 x 26kg DBs, 12+ x 15kg DBs

Bench: doing some at home now, just taking 40 mins after that session to rest and celebrate continued progress!

…and bench was as follows:-

Bench: 2 x 4 x 80kg, 4 x 115kg, 3 x 3 x 135kg

Simple practice session to begin the push towards another bench PR. Felt reasonable.


Rugby: “friendly” vs an invitational-type team, decent win, tough fitness work.


Squat: w/u with 3x120kg, 2x170kg; 1 x 220kg, 1 x 230kg

Snatch-grip DL: 3 x 120kg, 3 x 150kg, 3 x 160kg, 1 x 170kg, 1 x 180kg (PR!), 1 x 185kg (408lbs, PR!)

Machine Row: 2 x 12 x 91kg

DB Curl: 2 sets to failure at 17.5kg each

Not liking the new format here. Shame, this site had a great look before and was far easier to use. Hopefully the spacing will be right on this post, if not I apologize. Training was solid after rugby, nice SGDL PRs too!


Squat: to 220kg, 1x 240kg, 2 x 220kg

Push Press: 5 x 75kg, 4 x 85kg, 3 x 90kg, 1 x 95kg


Squat: to 1 x 220kg, 1 x 240kg, 1 x 250kg (550lbs, PR!)

DB Cuban Press: 10, 5, x 25kg DBs
Pullups: 10, 8


Rugby, “friendly” match, subbed in and out playing about 50 mins total.


Bench: quick sets for practice, w/u then 3 x 130kg, 5 x 2 x 140kg



[am. stat. bike - 20 mins]

Squat: w/u with 3x120kg, 2x170kg; 1 x 220kg, 1 x 240kg

SGDL: 3 x 120kg, 4 x 2 x 160kg

Core Work - 20 mins

Not feeling too fresh today, but ok. 240kg wasn’t very nice, so I left it at that.


Rugby Practice: 1 hr

Squat: w/u with 3x120kg, 2x170kg; 1 x 220kg, 1 x 240kg, 3 x 220kg (=PR), 2 x 230kg (PR!)

Pullups: 8, 2 x 4 with 5 sec pause each rep

Bench: w/u, then 3 x 130kg, 4 x 2 x 140kg


Squat: w/u with 3x70kg, 3x120kg, 2x170kg; 1 x 220kg, 1 x 230kg

SGDL: 3 x 100kg, 3 x 150kg, 2 x 160kg, 2 x 170kg, 1 x 180kg, 2, 3, 2, x 150kg (beltless, hook-grip, explosive)

OHP: 10, 8, x 70kg

Bench: w/u, then 4 x 130kg, 4 x 2 x 140kg (paused most reps, eccentric under control)

Lighter squats today because I felt tired and I have more rugby and lifting tomorrow. Still over 500lbs again, that’s virtually everyday for weeks now.

I’ve got nothing to contribute to the actual log, but I love your Title.

@T3hPwnisher Thanks man, I hope your recovery is going smoothly! Nietzsche’s work is definitely worth reading, especially “…Zarathustra”. Seemed an appropriate balance between philosophy and wit for a log title!

Oh yeah, I’m a big Nietzsche fan. Just finishing up “The Gay Science”. Loved Thus Spake Zarathusta; I actually read a chapter or 2 to my kid as a bedtime story whenever my wife is out, haha.


Stat. Bike - 25 mins

Squat: w/u with 2x120kg, 2x170kg; 1 x 220kg, 1 x 240kg, 3, 2, x 220kg

Seated Machine Row: 10, 8, x 119kg, then max. reps of 80kg with a 3 sec. pause at the top of each

Rugby was cancelled today, so just squats. Not at my best, but good work with 220kg and I still hit 240kg for a single.

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Squat: w/u with 3x120kg, 2x170kg; 1 x 220kg, 1 x 240kg, 3 x 220kg

Push Press: 5 x 80kg, 4 x 90kg, 3 x 95kg, 1 x 100kg

Pullups: 10 reps, then a couple of sets with very long pauses in various positions

Ok, still pushing ahead nicely and lifting weights ~95%+ everyday. Push presses were good, but I didn’t rest long enough before the 100kg set to get more than 1 rep. Upper body improving quickly though, I’ll be at 120kg in no time I’m sure.

@SquatsAndMilk : I’m improving quickly on the snatch-grip DLs, looking forward to some carryover to conventional DLs as well. This is the new log, couldn’t access my old account so thought I’d move on and start again.


Stat. Bike: 30 mins, with push-ups + planks interspersed

Rugby Practice: 1hr, moderate intensity

Squat: w/u with 3x120kg, 2x170kg; 1 x 220kg, 1 x 240kg

SGDL: 3 x 120kg, 3 x 170kg, 2 x 180kg, 1 x 190kg (PR!) (all beltless)

A nice, quick session with some strong SGDLs. Still going with 240kg almost daily.


Rugby Match - a non-league fixture against a team that had travelled down, good game and a pretty comfortable win. I played about 60 mins.

Nothing else as I’ve got a cold and didn’t feel up to bench. The gym I use for squats was shut by this time anyway, so I rested. Today’s training will start soon…


Stat. Bike: ~20 mins

Squat: 5x70kg, 5x120kg, 2x170kg; 1 x 210kg (beltless)

SGDL: 5 x 120kg, 3 x 160kg, 3 x 1 x 180kg, 2, 2, 2, 3, x 160kg

[superset with…]

Push Press: 5 x 80kg, 4 x 90kg, 3 x 95kg, 2 x 100kg, 1 x 105kg (=PR)


Bench: 5 x 110kg, 5 x 130kg, 4 x 135kg, 3 x 140kg, 2 x 145kg, 1 x 150kg (still no wrist wraps, getting some more soon)

I forgot my belt today, and my knee was sore from rugby anyway, so no heavy squats (although 210kg is actually the most I’ve done beltless, I believe). Instead, a nice session of SGDLs and presses, with pretty decent weights; I’m pleased with my progress so far on these lifts, they’re going well. Bench was strong as well, especially given my slight weight loss and lack of wrist wraps.
My hands are in terrible shape after the SGDL / hook grip work, I’ll have to start taping them.

Been very busy and have had a cold, I’ll update tomorrow!


Squat: to 230kg

SGDLs etc.


Squat: to 230kg etc.

SGDLs, pullups etc.



Rugby Match: tough again, knee pretty sore so still taking it easy in the gym

Bench: 5 x 130kg, 4 x 135kg, 3 x 140kg, 2 x 145kg, 10 x 110kg


SGDL: to 2 x 2 x 170kg, 2 x 5 x 150kg
OHP: to 3 x 2 x 92.5kg


Squat: to 220kg, 5 x 200kg

OHP: 2 x 90kg, 8, 8, 6, 5, x 70kg

Pullups: 2 x max reps

Back to squats today (yesterday at time of writing). Patella tendon has been very sore since scrum practice for rugby on Friday last week, and I have some serious bruising on my left leg from the match on the weekend, plus the usual calf niggles. I’m taking this week and possibly next week to recuperate a bit and prepare for further maximal squatting - in the mean time, the focus is on benching, deadlifts (especially SGDLs, which are going very well aside from leaving my hands in pieces), and overhead presses. Pull-ups are also on the menu.
I’m going to order some lifting straps for deadlifts etc. and another pair of wrist wraps to replace the ones I’ve lost, and these should help quite a bit. I’ve been sick this week and struggling with multiple niggles, so hopefully next week will be something of a fresh start. Still, I’m feeling in good shape and I think a long overdue deadlift PR should be on the cards in the next month.

Bench training in half an hour. Let’s go!


Bench: 5 x 135kg, 4 x 140kg, 2 x 145kg, 2 x 1 x 150kg, 5 x 130kg (no wrist wraps yet)


Squat: w/u with 3x120kg, 2x170kg; 1 x 220kg, 1 x 230kg

Deadlift: (beltless hook grip) 3 x 170kg, 2 x 180kg, 2 x 190kg, 1 x 200kg, 1 x 210kg (beltless hook grip PR!)

Pullups: 2 x max

Knee feeling quite a bit better. Thumbs hurting from hook grip - my hands are held together with tape, but not using mixed grip all the time does seem to be beneficial.


Squat: w/u with 3x120kg, 2x170kg; 1 x 220kg, 1 x 240kg

OHP: 4 x 5 x 80kg
Superset with -
SGLP (low-medium pull): 4 x 5 x 120kg

Seated CG Machine Row: 2 x 12 x 91kg

Calf Raises: drop set to failure with pauses at top and bottom of movement

Nice to get back to a good weight on squats. The overhead work and snatch-grip dynamic pulls felt very strong, and I’m pleased with my upper body progress recently - I think I’m heading towards a new bench (and deadlift) PR soon.


Squat: w/u with 3x120kg, 2x170kg; 1 x 220kg, 1 x 230kg, 2 x 2 x 210kg

SGLP: 6 x 3 x 130kg

Not too bad, still going carefully on squats this week but feeling pretty strong. Straps should arrive tomorrow, so I’ll have the option of using them for deadlift work. Should be useful.


Rugby: played 40 mins


Bench: w/u with 5x70kg, 3x110kg; 5 x 135kg, 4 x 140kg, 3 x 145kg, 2 x 150kg, M x 155kg (too tired, would have had it otherwise)

Rugby went well and my knee was noticeably better, so that’s good, plus my bench was strong and I managed to come close to a PR double (I think my best double is 152.5kg, though I’m not certain). The single at the end was a step too far, but I’m not too bothered about that - I was training pretty late in the evening and had already hit some decent weights for reps, so it was just fatigue.
Ready to hit a 400lb bench this summer, MORE PROGRESS COMING!


Squat: w/u with 3x120kg, 2x170kg; 1 x 220kg, 1 x 240kg, 1 x 245kg (540lbs)

SGDL: 2 x 170kg, (add straps) - 3 x 3 x 170kg

Wrist straps have arrived, and seemed to help me to activate my upper back muscles far better on SGDLs, so that’s good.
Squats were fairly strong, and my knee wasn’t a problem, so that’s good too. Overall I’m happy with that; my upper back tightness unracking the 245kg was slightly off, that’s the only point I can see to work on. Still, the weight moved easily enough considering it’s close to my best. Nice session!