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The Training of Holyfield

While searching for information of Tyson’s weight training out of curiosity (and Oh man there are some broscience retards on boxing forums), I stumbled across an article by the guy who was brought on board to provide strength and conditioning work for Evander Holyfield post 1989.


Pretty interesting stuff. Combination of weight training, plyometrics and all out anaerobic work.

I met Holyfield at a 24 in Houston back in 2000 or '01. Didn’t pay attention to what he was doing, but he was there with a trainer. Didn’t want to bother him, but introduced myself and said I enjoyed his fights and he shook my hand and shot the shit for a bit. Seemed like a pretty cool dude. Also remember that the first thing I noticed was is ears [without trying to stare, haha] and they looked completely normal.

cool article… Dr.Hatfield was the man back in the day. too bad Flex and M&F had him writing BS training pieces…

Hatfield is a fucking badass. Awesome article too!

Hatfield is a damn legend in this sport and science. He’s one of the oldest guys who vocally pushed for a scientific yet applicable approach to training and would slam the old long endured aerobics freaks.

Back in the day when there was no internet his articles and books were awesome. If you can get your hands on an old ISSA handbook, a lot of what he preaches is in there. I have all his old books he wrote too. Awesome guy and the first guy to squat 1008 pounds like a damn freak! He certainly practiced what he preached.
Back in those days he was hooked up with Staley and they created the ISSA, which I still reckon is one of the better world certifying institutes for PT’s. Dunno how they have become nowdays though.

Here’s an old vid

I especially like the 3 minute drill prescribed…gonna give it a try

Also I always though Holyfield was underrated.

Well, maybe not underrated, but he certainly wasn’t given the respect he deserved for much of his career. Really tough dude, and I still think majority of his fights are more exciting than 98% of HW fights these days.

For someone who’s main concern was heavyweight boxing, that man had a beastly physique.