The Trailhead: T Nation Mountain Bikers

The aftermath of a recent trip to an open trail that most likely shouldn’t have been open.


Something is not adding up there. Is that some kind of advanced articulation system, or is that frame toast?

Me? If so, the mud does a fantastic job of hiding the support bar that runs from the top tube to the seat tube on the drive side.

Yes. I am looking at it wrong.

No worries! It’s a strange angle too.

Side note, I’m bummed that I never got to ride that Dr. J freeride trail in North Park before I moved away from Pittsburgh. That was years ago, but I believe they had plans for some dirt jumps and a pump track.

Oh yeah?

I remember that you were local, at RMU or something, right?

I’m in the south hills and can ride into the back of South Park in like 5 minutes. I raced on the north park BMX track a few times when I was a kid, but haven’t been up there in ages. I may have to look that up to try something a little different.

Here’s a thing about that!

Just got back from Bryson city NC. Pic is from fire mountain trail system. Was glorious.


I never attended RMU, but I was at one point considering returning to school there, so it’s possible I posted about it at some point.

I first moved to the Cranberry area, then moved around between Castle Shannon, Greentree, and Carnegie.

South Park and North Park were always enjoyable.

That might bey misunderstanding then.

Small world though! I grew up in Shannon, and used to run around all over the area with other kids from school & whatnot. I’ve been out here for about - oh, 25 years. Pretty good while now that I think about it.

The rails to trails system has become really awesome in the past few years. They’re throwing in bridges and extensions like nothing I’ve ever seen.

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My favorite riding spot was logged a couple years ago. Trails have been rebuilt but trails in a clearcut get baked by the sun and dont have the moist loamy organic trail surface that everyone lusts after. Ive been poking around the surrounding area for the past year just riding up random logging roads with my dog and following any mototrails out into the woods to see where they lead. Well, this weekend i found a zone where some loamy mtb trails still exist. One of the trails has a couple 70’ skinning made out 6’ diameter fallen old growth trees so you have like 2’ wide on top and it isnt sketchy, just cool. Pretty stoked. 10/10 dirt conditions, the kind where you are getting pelted by the loam flinging off your back tire and youre two wheel drifting and roosting flat corners like a pow turn without an ounce of mud. Just sick. And Olly was stoked to get back out in a nice cool forest with soft loam trails for his paws.

Also, as my buddy says, “Logging is in the view making business” haha. Pretty cool views overlooking the San Juans from the top of the clearcut now.


Hybrid. Beginner mountain trails are okay with this one, anything more challenging and I wash out seemingly all the time.

This thing is great for roads though.

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Just added one to the stable!!! Only have one ride on it so far but love it!!




Um…what kind of “bump” is happening on that trail?


One you have to be very careful when you hit it. :rofl:

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