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The topic of diet

After experimenting for two years with Zone, atkins, CKD, and all that other “fat is good” bullshit, ive come to the realization that a bodybuilding diet must be based on low-gi carbs. However, I’m also aware of the suppressive effect of low-fat on T levels… So, my main question is if a diet with say, extremely low fat(10%), is supplemented with a or two of flax or another omega-3 source, with the calories from these fat “pay for themselves” with the metabolic boast they provide? I know they have good effects on overall health, but like many people,im far more interested in how i look than if i die when im 75 or 80. Will the calories in EFA’s be burned off by an inherent metabolism increase, and, if so, to what extent? also, just so you know im not a complete and total moron, since i started a lowfat diet ive supplemented with ZMA and Tribulus to ensure optimum T.