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Hey, guys.
So, I thought it would be really interesting to pool together some of our favorite exercises into one thread. I am currently running DC and, as some of you may know, that means I need access to a great many different exercises. So, have at it. If you have any exercise you've changed for optimal results, or some unheard of exercise that just blasts biceps/legs/etc. throw them at me. I am excited to hear about the little tweeks you guys have made over the years to bring your training to a whole new level. Anything will do: free weights/smith machine/HS machine/etc.

Here's how I would like to have the answers set up:
First, list the muscle(s) that is/are being targeted.
Next, give an explanation of how to properly perform your exercise.
Lastly, throw in a pic/video to further explain, if you want.

Much obliged, everyone.


I kinda discovered these guys really destroy my lats. You can even see them firing through my shirt…lol.

For hamstrings, this is a great way to do stiff-legs: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gm3p9-smxlU (this isn’t me…can’t take credit)

Completely takes grip strength and low back out of the equation. MMC is unreal and you can literally decide which head of the hamstrings you want to hit…it’s that good!


Have you heard of jettisons? You get an EZ bar with some weight on it and a mini band. Stand on the band and hold the other end in both hands with the bar. Curl until close to failure then set the weight down, release the band, and immediately start curling just the bar this time. After you’re close to failure on that set the bar down, grab just the mini band and curl that to failure. It’s a really cool bicep finisher and a unique way to dropset. Aim for something you can get at least 8 of with the band tension. I normally only use 70lbs.


a couple of supersets I really like are:

Clay Hyght’s Delt Triad - You go from lateral raises straight into front raises then straight into shoulder press. Ouch!

Thibaudeau Lat Thing - Using a triceps rope do straight arm pulldowns, then kneel down and lean back and do pulldowns, then still on your knees lean forward and do another set of pulldowns. Sexy time.


I really like trying to kind of combine Meadow’s stretchers with Cable Rows. Similar to the pic above, except I try to almost get my head between my arms on the stretch. Basically round my back and such to get a crazy lat stretch, then arching hard on the concentric to get a great contraction.

But doing DC, it may not work great do to limited weight progression.


Whoops forgot the pic. It’s Surge doing rows, and you can see in hot he REALLY lets hit back round to get that stretch.


These are great too, named after Dante himself lol. Don’t get as much love as Meadow’s other row variations, but are pretty solid.


Kneeling pulldowns for increased ROM. Good for taller dudes or anyone looking to really exaggerate the stretch and/or pause in the stretch position.

Old school Vince Gironda back exercise - 45 degree row, sometimes called “racing dive pulls”. Basically combines a pulldown/high angle row on the positive, and a stiff-arm pulldown on the negative, so it really emphasizes the lats and minimizes arm involvement. Use a thumbless grip and think of sweeping the bar down your legs (almost maintaining contact as long as possible) as you lower your torso before you start returning the bar to the “start” position to get the most out of the negative.

I don’t squat down nearly as deep as they are in this vid, but you definitely need some knee bend and a stable foot base. Some coordination required, but you should get the hang of it after a few reps. Sets of 10-12 work well, as it doesn’t lend itself to going heavy.


Heavy Pallof press holds. Using a, duh, heavy weight and holding for a count of 5-10 per side, usually 3-4 sets. Great static ab/“core” drill that trains anti-rotation and is some nice “indirect” oblique work.

Use nice wide, stable base, set the cable around or just below shoulder-height, and keep the weight close to you as you step back from the stack into position. Start counting as soon as your arms are extended - Imagine holding the peak of a cable crossover, arms are rounded bear hug-style or a bit more straight, but definitely not locked out.

I also like holding back extensions at the peak for time instead of doing reps. I could’ve sworn I read Wendler first mention the idea a long time ago, but I can’t find it. Theory being that the low back needs a bunch of static strength for maximum health and performance, so build that muscular endurance.

Basically get into position for hypers, do half a rep, and then hold the top position (straight line from heels to neck) for a 15-30 count. Hold weight as needed. Doesn’t work as well on the 45-degree back extension setup. The standard, with body parallel to the ground, is obviously better suited.


These are all really great suggestions, guys. Thanks a bunch.


I found out about somersault squats a little while ago to particularly target the vastus lateralis and they work so well that I don’t even mind looking like a spastic doing them!

Just make sure to go for high reps, think 20-25


Smith decline bench (with higher reps) for pecs that write the cheques


Posterior Chain:
Deadlifts on Hammer Strength Shrug Machine
Drop the seat all the way down, face the back pad so your face is nearly touching when you set up, grab the low handles and go
Really lets me rep out without causing distress to my lower back
Sometimes I’ll throw mini bands over the handles and stand on them