The TNUT way

Ok first post on here just after some feedback on my current program, a little background info;
Im 5’6, 165lbs and about 14% bf currently training fullbody three times a week alternating between two workouts and surfing the other four days for about 4-6hours not really looking for more muscle just wanting to train to assist my surfing, increase lung capacity (i usually only rest about 30sec between sets)and cause i love the gym haha.

1a Pull ups (weighted) 3x8
1b Pullovers (lying on fitball with bands) 3xMax

2a Squat 4x10
2b Reverse Pullover (on fitball with bands) 4xMax

3a Bench press 3x8
3b Db flys (standing on fitball) 3xMax

Cardio - 5 chinups, 10 pushups, 20 BW squats as many rounds as possible in 20min

1a Deadlifts 4x8
1b Bench dips (feet on fitball, 25kg plate on lap) 4xMax

2a Alternate DB lunges 3x10
2b single leg lunges 3xMax

3a DB flys (lying on fitball) 3x12
3b Iron man hangs (feet on fitball) 3xMax

Cardio - 100 pullups, 200 pushups, 300 BW squats

On training days i will usually do a yoga or pilates class aswell to help with flexibility and seems to be helping with my recovery, any advice or criticism would be greatly appreciated escpecially if there are any surfers out there.