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Oh dear...expect to see these guys in Rate My Physique soon.


Ha! The guy in the pic is Mark Harrison...that's my brother's name!

I really don't want to judge, but when I saw the pic of him with the woman I thought it was the "before" pic.

Oh, in the first link...those guys look sloppy. The guy on the left is sucking it in and sticking other stuff out and he still looks like a shit sandwich.


Yeah in the six pack article the conclusion seemed to be that there is no point being in good shape as he likes eating and drinking and girls dont like it anyway. In addition to this line 'As far as the exercise component of the regimen went, I never really got going. If the diet was mostly a success, the exercise was mostly a failure' - and he is surprised he is no adonis.

Reason I posted was that these have both been run over the weekend and seems to present going to the gym as some sort of impossible task to gain the perfect physique but the photographs accompanying them are hardly inspiring. MIddle-class England is not huge on bodybuilding it appears.


I just looked at the pics in both articles,... those guys look like crap.



oh and apparently only the gays keep in muscluar shape, so...you know...


so what you're telling me is the public is generally speaking very ignorant?


apparently so.


I couldn't make it though the whole thing, the long winded article about whatever and the fact that they spelled the word 'per cent' all goofy.





Looks like they airbrushed fat rolls on the "6 pack" guy.



Yes they did, it's a low resolution picture, if you could enhance it you would clearly see they photoshopped those lines on him.

How dumb.


Ridiculous. That article reads as if the author simply can't understand or comprehend why any Asian male would want t lift weights.

Are people really that dumb today? Bodybuilding is growing in many Asian countries. Maybe America should quit acting like everyone who wants big muscles has a disease.

This comment, however:

.....Tells me quite a bit about Hollywood.

So, because all of the guys in India looked like MEN, he had to come back to America to find a wimp to play the part????????


Really, by the end of the article, it is actually interesting. Most of Asia seems to be turning to bodybuilding according to them, but they just can't grasp why and apparently want to avoid it?

OH NO!! What ever will skinny guys do in Asia?


Let me just say, that I have not met the women yet who apparently hate big muscles after dropping some weight. I am sure they are out there but from listening to some of the guys here, I expected them to be the majority.

Am I doing something wrong?


You're not hanging out with enough fat chicks with body issues. In my experience women that find muscle "gross" have some sort of body/self worth issues. Some just talk shit about muscle but really you can catch their eyes getting bigger and a smile on their face when they see some muscle.


I've experienced the same. I have never met a woman who worked out who hated muscles. It is almost always the super skinny ones, the fat ones, or the ones just saying that because the company they are in wants to hear it.



x2. Very true.


Yes. In fact they are.