The Time You Have to Wait Between Meals


Do you guys count 2 hours after finish the meal or when you take the first bite?

Well, after… Sometimes I eat for one hour, sometimes for 10 minutes

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I have to wait between meals?


While working my meal times were dictated by opportunity.

  • Work started at 7:30am
  • Morning break at 10:00am
  • Lunch 12:00 to 12:30pm
  • Afternoon break at 2:00pm
  • Work ended at 4:00pm

I ate a fairly big breakfast at 6:30am, a can of tuna and some carbs at 10:00am, a meat and carbs for lunch, and a can of tuna and some carbs at 2:00pm. I went straight to the gym after work and ate dinner when I got home, and then a small protein meal an hour before bedtime.

When I became supervisor I had a little more meal flexibility and ate morning break closer to 9:30am and afternoon break closer to 3:00pm.

IMO, don’t get overly technical, just get in 6 protein meals during your awake hours. The closer you can get them evenly spaced the better, but you gotta get them in when you can.


It doesn’t matter.

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Yes:))))that time for digestion lol

Why do I need that?

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What happens if you accidentally eat only 1 hour after your last meal?

Or you really shit the bed and go again just 30mins after your last meal?

Maybe even 15mins?

What happens?

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It’s easy to get fixated about meal times. I used to spend too much thought on that when I was my megarexic younger self. I could have had more fun, or a time better spent…

Mature recommendation: Focus on 4-6 meals a day, times depending on opportunity and hunger. Get breakfast, lunch and dinner - let the other smaller meals come naturally depending on job/school breaks and training schedule. Relax if you can’t make it a day, for example if you have slept late. Find a solution that you may be able to keep consistently (same as with training).

Personally, I am not that anal about certain diets. Make easy solutions that are socially acceptable, instead of inventing the wheel. There are always a middle ground. Always avoid the worst options. And - remember to have an eating day a week, like the old-school bodybuilders.

Is this what we refer to as an overresponse to a simple question about something else?

IMO, if you get hungry, you have screwed up. You must have missed a meal.

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I wait exactly 2 hours 7 mins 45 seconds between meals. I start my stopwatch the second I finish my last bite and count down with spoon in hand waiting for the time to be up so I don’t miss the nutrient window.

I also time myself while eating too, I have to eat in 18.5 minute intervals - sometimes I even portion out my bites so I get the same nutrient distribution per bite. I ultimately credit all my successes to this method, training method doesn’t matter at all.


Right. Maybe I should rephrase that. But I like feeling the initiation of a hunger.

Worried about timing between meals? Get it all down at once, just do this bro:



I actually read an article in swedish muscle mag B&K back in the 90ties, about a danish bodybuilder who (said he) did just like that. If I remember correctly he ingested one meal in the evening of about 4000 cals. I cant recall how he survived the days or if it even was mentioned. Any fellow scandinavian who knows who this guy was/is?


There’s no way around it. His personal chef must have been Paula Deen

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You are leaving gains on the table.



I mean, the precedent is long established

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I like to eat when I’m hungry.


Pretty sure I’d never stop if I tried that, haha.

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It really doesn’t matter, OP, but if dialing it in that tight keeps you consistent, I say go for it.

Since it doesn’t matter, just pick whichever interval allows you to do it the same every day: like @RT_Nomad’s example.

If you’re just looking for a clean answer so you can go on about your day: 2 hours from the time you put your fork down.