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The Time Has Come...Sustanon250


okay fellas heres the deal. After training for 7 yrs i feel that it is time to step up my game. i want to ease into it and not do anything crazy. ive done TONS of research and think i found out what i am goin to do, i just want ur thoughts on it.

To start off i want to take a Sustanon only cycle just to ease my way into it. I want to start off with a low dose to see how my body responds to that, and i understand 1cc or 250mg a week is a fairly low dose. I think im gonna front load week one with 500mg than take 250mg each week following for 8-10 weeks. Of course i'll have the necessary pct. Anyways i just want ur thoughts on this extremely basic beginners cycle. Thanks.


If i am not mistaken (from pics) you are a big guy already correct? As I recall signifigantly larger than most of the steroid "experts" on here. Anyway just saying you might want to just be happy with the gifts you were given but i know how it is and since you are likely to do it anyway i would suggest:

week 1 - frontload 1000mg (if using sustanon i prefer to spread the dose over 2-3 infection days due to the inclusion of test prop in the mixture) so the first week i would pobably do 2 amps on sunday and two amps on thursday.
weeks 2-12 - 500mg one amp on sunday and one amp on thursday.

i just feel if you are going to take the step and do it you should be at a dose that will be signifigantly higher than what your body produces already, standard hrt dose is 100mg/weekly so i don't consider 250mg adequate for a serious cycle. If you are going to take the plunge you may as well make some gains. I won't comment on PCT since you say you have it covered...best wishes bro.


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Agreed, i would also prefer a single ester product over sustanon if you have a choice.


Yes and please don't get an infection on injection day LOL :wink: Just kidding biggen'.

Seriously though good advice on both parts here so far. I'd say if you haven't already gotten the sust just get some test ent, cost less and will give you the same results with less fluctuation. On top of you being larger then the norm, like Pain pointed out that cycle you had originally laid out will almost definitely not give you what you're looking for. I know a few guys who had run cycles like that back when I was younger in fact two brother in particular.

They both had decent builds but still plenty room to grow. Roughly they put on around 20 lbs. The one stopped training and dicked off. The other held on to his gains by continuing to train hard eat right and doing the right things. They both went back on the SAME exact cycle and guess what the one guy gained back his 20 lbs pretty damn quick, while the other brother didn't gain much more then 5 lbs. I know its not the most scientific example, but I'd say you ARE the other brother.

You're already a big guy and that cyle you laid out probably won't do much but make you a little hornier, maybe cut your recovery time a bit, and at the most I'd guess you might gain 5 lbs or so. On the other hand the cycle that Pain laid out wich is NOT really by any means a crazy cycle should give you some really decent and solid gains (I'd guess more like 10-15 lbs when all is said and done). BTW, are you going to use an ai throughout and like Bushy said what's your PCT looking like?