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The Time Has Come: Posters


The time has finally come! The snatch pull and clean pull posters are out, get em why they are hot at Californiastrength.com The posters show frame by frame all the steps of the snatch and clean pull with three different body types, weight classes and slightly different pulls.

The first athlete on the poster is the two time national champ, world team member, Pan Am bronze winner and well the record goes on and on and would take me forever to finish, but the one and only Donny Shankle. then there is the young, explosive, and fastest big man I have ever seen, The American CJ record holder Caleb Ward! And the last but not least, the crazy, weight slamming, yelling, in your face, Pan Am team member, number one 94 in the Country, Olympic hopeful, soon to be American snatch record holder me Jon North.

Every poster that sells goes to our weightlifting team for travel funds and recruiting funds to grow this great sport called weightlifting. O and I forgot to add that every poster you buy and put on your house or gym wall adds 20kg to each lift!!! It's good to be back on this site it's been a while, coach has been killing me with the training load. is there anybody from this site competeing at the Golden west open hear at California strength?? Train hard everyday, Lets all get freaky strong so we can start beating other countries becuase the USA is the best country, screw the rest! USA 2012!!!!


Ordered! Thx for letting us know.

Not competing at that meet, but am competing this Saturday at Mike Gattone's place (Buffalo Grove, IL... Mid-Americans).


What, you guys couldn't find some hot chicks to put on the poster? You had to pick three ugly guys? Especially that North fellow - that's one butt ugly dude!

Just joking with you.


lol You son of a bitch! even with that great hair I had that day! It took me three hours to get ready for that shoot!


Agreed! the only poster missing is a jerk poster. Perhaps that should have some ladies on it! Can't wait for the 166 kg snatch Jon!


That would give new meaning to the term "jerk poster."




What about making a poster of a jerk watching a snatch? :smiley: