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The Tillman Coverup



Well said, X.

Tillman was the type of man that I can only pray that my two sons grow to be.

While I wholeheartedly support our military, I find the actions in this article to be deplorable. It's just sad.


I just read that article and it is a shame the way they handled that. It seems like the standard now though. Holding the small unit leaders responsible instead of the officers. Look at Abu Graib, a Pvt and a couple of Sgts?!? Whatever happened to the reponsibilities of leadership? I have seen leaders get burned for incidents that occured while on libo, things that the leadership had no control over or idea were happening. It didn't matter if they were there or not, the were ultimatly responsible. In the Air Force if there is ever a plane crash the operations officer is immediatly dismissed.

The whole thing is pretty sad, the plt commander who gave the order, and prob. has very little experience, is protected but the Plt Sgt who protested, and is chock full of experience, is given the boot. I bet the unit feels much better and safer now...... or maybe not....or not at all.

The bottom line is that the military need to recognize that if you want those shinny rank bars, leaves, birds, or stars you are the one who is held accountable for the success and/or failure of your unit. You are there for your men, to pat them on the back or put them back in line. To defend them from unjust persecution or to bring them out as an example of excelent service. This "I'll take the medal but pass on the blame" type attitude is a sad state of affairs.


Great post Prof X!!


Just to make it clear, I didn't write that. It was quoted from Radley Balko on the FOX news website.


I'm surprised that FOX news had anything to do with this article. After all, it doesn't paint the war in Iraq and the current administration in a positive light, so I figured they wouldn't be interested in reporting it.


Wow, you mean FOX news actuall DOES tell both sides of an issue...?


It also immediately diffuses those who usually agree with everything they say.


You mean, that no one else does? FOX news is simply another news source. They all show some bias in reporting for both sides of the argument. However, this one article does not eclipse the fact that FOX news is largely biased to the right. After all, it is just one article. Anyone with sense would get their news from many different sources, not exclude one all together on the basis of bias...like we often see from conservatives on this site.