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The Tide Will Turn...


So, this is it. I am officially coming out of the shadows of cyberspace and starting my own journal, with some encouragement from a couple of hookerfaces! =)
Now for introductions.....I have NO athletic background to speak of. I was the straight-A student who stayed relatively thin by staying super busy in school and skipping meals.

I was much more interested in working my brain, acting chops, vocal cords, etc. to worry about working muscles. (Needless to say, between my brilliant thoughts on weight loss and lovely hypoglycemia, my metabolism has since slowed to a crawl.)
Then I met this boy (who is now my husband!)...he had just started getting interested in lifting and said, "Hey, watch this video of a girl named Kara Bohigian." I was HOOKED!

So, here I am a few years later still learning, working on consistency, and making small gains. I would like to think that I don't get discouraged as easily as I used to, but some added accountability can't hurt!

I'm currently using the 5/3/1 training system and making gains slowly but steadily. I train in the same gym with my girl mmgalb, sbmart, and Big Jim, but don't hold that against me =)

I'll be posting my recent numbers shortly....
Thanks in advance for everything!


Just being the first to say HI!!

I've seen this 5/3/1 program around, but have yet to look it up to see what it's all about..

I'm excited to follow your progress!! :slight_smile:


mom-in-MD: You've made quite a bit of progress yourself. Thanks for the warm welcome! =)


I love Kara Bohigian!


So, today I started Week 1, Cycle 3 of my 5/3/1 training. The following numbers are from Week 3, Cycle 2 (week before deload):

Workout 1:
DB incline - 25 lbs., 3x8, 4th set to failure
"Fat Man" rows - 10x3 (working towards my goal of a pull up!)
Pulldowns - 3x12 lighter weight, focusing on form
30 min. light cardio

Workout 2:
Deadlift - 120lb x 5, 135lb x 3, 150lb x 3 (feels so easy!)
Back Raise - 4x8 with 10lb plate
Abs - 5/10
20 min. moderate cardio

Workout 3:
Bench - 65lb x 5, 75lb x 3, 85lb x 1
DB bench - 4x8 with 25lb
Seated rows - 4x10
15 min. of prowler sprints, whew!

Workout 4:
Box Squat - 85lb x 5, 95lb x 3, 105lb x 5
Lunges - 3x8 with 10lb dumbbells (HATE these!)
Abs - 4x12
20 min. moderate cardio

Today was the first day of Week 1, Cycle 3 and went like this:

DB incline - 4x8 with 22.5 lbs. (Lighter than last time, but I had the bench at a steeper angle. Don't know what happened exactly.)

Push ups (using the Smith Machine on a low setting) - 4x10

Vertical Rows (using Hammer Strength machine) - 4x12 with 70lb.

Negative Pull Ups - did 8 reps (4 assisted, 4 unassisted) I hope to do my first real pull up by August!

25 min. low intensity cardio.


YAYYYYYYYYY You started a journal!!!! =D

I am so happy! Your workouts look great! I am super impressed by your 150 for 3 reps on deadlift... I hope you are proud of yourself! I KNOW you can put up big numbers on deadlift... you just have to DO IT! ;D

Hope the diet is going well... I will do anything I can to help you get it moving again!


you've got awesome goals! I too, would like to just do ONE STINKIN PULL UP!! ROAR! :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey! You do have awesome goals (and I wish I could try prowlers -- you must have a cool gym.) Look forward to reading!


So, my lats are super sore today! Husband showed me a great stretch for them using the top of the door frame...to bad I'm too short to reach! =) Lots of foam rolling going on, though.

Looking forward to pulling tomorrow. I'm also in hopes that my weight loss will pick back up this week, as it seems to have stalled lately. I plan to weigh and measure again the end of the week, so we shall see.

I'm also REALLY excited to go to the meet this weekend to support Molly, Sarah, and the rest of the crew. Hopefully I'll have my very own hookerface shirt so I can fully represent! =)


I think it's great that you decided to start a journal! I wasn't sure you were up for it when we talked. I guess all of the ridiculous banter was just too enticing.


Today's workout was just okay. I didn't feel as strong as usual, but it had been a long day, so whatever. On a Monday, I'll take what I can get.

Deadlift - 135x5, 140x5, 145x5

Back Raise with 10lb plate - 4x10

Abs (on Swiss ball with 25lb) - 4x10

Unfortunately, no time for cardio this evening due to an unexpected family dinner (youngest brother-in-law is home on leave from the Air Force =)
I videoed by reps at 140 and found that I was throwing my head back for some unknown reason at the bottom of the pull. This was the first time I had ever got to see my form for myself. Thankfully, I was able to correct the weird alignment stuff on my next set.
Attached (hopefully) is a video of one and a half of my reps at 145 for your viewing pleasure. Apparently the memory card just couldn't hold any more awesomeness.



Looked pretty good to me! :slight_smile:

I had a question though..you are following this 5/3/1 program right?

Is the above routine part of that? Maybe I'm just used to higher volume stuff, but that doesn't seem like a lot of "stuff."

What were you doing before this? :slight_smile:


haha Betty I thought the same thing until I tried the program... 2-3 exercises put me on my ass EVERY SINGLE TIME and left me hurting for DAYS!! I often didn't even have the energy to complete the ab work! I am sure Shannon will pipe up about her experience... but that was mine... WOW I was shocked! =D

And Shannon, your DL looked good to me! =D


Yesterday's workout:

Bench - 45x5, 55x3, 65x3, 75x3, 80x5, 85x3
The last three sets were supposed to be
five reps each, but I just couldn't get
it. Bench is my nemesis. I get so frustrated because I know I can lift more, but it's like my body won't cooperate. Mind over matter, I guess. Anyway...

Kroc Rows - 15x10, 20x10, 35x12

Fat Man Rows - 5x4

Push ups (on Smith machine) - 2x12

One mile brisk walk on a medium incline.


I give you props for benching. I don't even go near it other than DBs.
Aren't you so lucky that you get to go cheer on the Molly and sbmart!!


X2 on the 5-3-1 I thought this would be so easy after doing Max Strength. No way. This kicked my butt.

Shannon, On your bench, you may get your form evaluated especially if you think you can lift more. Benching is just as much about form as squat and deadlift!


True dat. I keep changing where the bar hits, trying to find my "groove," and I've also been changing up hand positioning, as well. I'm sure I'll get plenty of evaluation/razzing now that I am in the crew =)


Today got turned upside down...I got swamped at work and missed a meal, so by the time I got to the gym, I was already noticing a drop in my blood sugar. Trained anyway, and got through everything but cardio before I had to bail.
Dynamic warm-up and stretching (I always do this, but I forget to mention it!)

Box squat - warmed up with 45x5, 65x3, and 85x3, then 90x5, 100x5, 105x5...could have (and was supposed to) do a couple more on my last set, but I misunderstood my notes =S

Step-ups - 4x8 with 15lb dumbbells

Abs - wood choppers 2x10, oblique twists with 4lb medicine ball 3x20

Needless to say, I didn't get anywhere close to the amount of calories/macros I was supposed to have today, but tomorrow is a new day. I'm sure I'll work up an appetite cheering on my fellow hookerfaces!


Have fun today!!


I had a BLAST today! Hanging out with my girls and meeting cbear =) Hookerface Barbell ROCKED it! So proud of them and proud to be a part of the crew!