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The Tick on DVD

I was in the soul-devouring hellbox known as Walmart, when I heard angels singing and a single ray of blinding white light came down from the heavens, illuminating the top shelf of the DVD rack. And behold, there was The Tick on DVD, in all of its resplendent blue and gold. Yea, the holiest of all animations was beckoning to me like the lost grail itself.

The Tick. On DVD. That is all.

(And I’m NOT talking about the abomination that was the live-action series. This is the real deal, ladies and gentlemen).

so did you buy it? is it worth the money?
i use to love that show and have never seen it on the dvd racks.

Only problem is there is no extra’s in the dvd, just good old fashion saturday morning cartoon fun

I liked the live action one better than the cartoon.

Oh, man. I’m going to go looking for this now. Nothing made me laugh as hard as Edlund’s comics when they first came out, but that show had some great moments of utter insanity.

A friend of mine got it a few days ago and we watched a couple of the episodes last night. Good DVD, definitely worth the money.

The DVD has 12 episodes from Season One (but not episode 11 for some reason). It was $25. IMHO, a good deal.