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The Three Lift Russian Program


I am running the russian squat cycle right now and have completed the fourth week. I plan on running the 3 lift version after this program is over. I do have an issue however. I have a bad right shoulder and I know flat barbell benching twice a week will agrevate it. I feel healthier as far as shoulders go when I can do dips and incline dumbell presses could I do those on the 6x2 day? or should I stick to the program as written? I'll be doing it like this:

shoulder warmup
Lateral raises

Lat pulldowns

Shoulder warmup

The assistance work won't be very intense except the upper back stuff. I'm squatting ass to grass.


Do NOT do this type of routine for a lift which irritates tendons/joints or you're just generally absolutely not built for, ever.

Can you do incline bench instead, perhaps? Use a close grip? Reverse-grip bench?

If benching only causes trouble if you do it too much, use Wendler 5/3/1 (large jump table) or modified Coan or something like that for it, less sets and frequency, higher reps...

Sticking with a program as written if it's likely to get you injured is a very stupid idea...

You can do assistance work on the program but you'll have to eat a lot (and a lot of protein), and on the 6x5 and 6x6 weeks you may have to scale it back...

What's wrong with your shoulder, specifically?


Reoccuring rotator tendonitis. I had an MRI two years ago. it flares up and down based on what movements I'm doing and the volume. It feels better when I do dumbell inclines for some reason Dips really either bother it or are fine based on how I do them.