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The Thorotread - Treadmill and Sled Put Together


Interesting idea, given that there are people out there who are doing "treadmill pushing" ( http://articles.elitefts.com/articles/training-articles/treadmill-pushing-the-solution-to-the-prowler-less-gym/ ).

I don't know much about this thing beyond whats in the video, but conceptually at least it seems like a good idea. The folks in the video, on the other hand, seem to be randomly pushing it back and forth like they're adding a little bit of tricep work to their treadmill cardio session. I'm curious what sort of resistance it can provide, and if it would feel anything at all like a real sled.

Your thoughts?


Most people don't have access to sleds, so if you are looking to get some eccentric leg work in I say go for it.

Having done both, its a distant second to actually having a prowler loaded up with 500 pounds. The former is kinda hard, while the later is one of the more brutal, savage things you can do in a gym.


I'm not someone who's particularly self-conscious about things like this, but I would NOT be caught doing that stuff in a gym, lol. Especially around cardio bunnies.

At that point you're probably just fine doing cardio like normal.


Right... I mean, before there was the prowler and all of these cool, new training implements guys still found ways of getting huge and ripped. These kinds of things are certainly NOT necessary by ANY means.

I would just as soon do some heavy barbell complexes before doing this.


I concur... power cleans for many I say!