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The Third World Degeneration of a Once Proud Nation


People who accept violence, robbery, rape, and murder as 'the normal condition of life'. What a sad ending!

"This horrific crime, a machete wielding gang of blacks bursting into someoneâ??s home, apparently at random for the sum total of a mobile phone is truly alarming and what is more alarming is that this has just gone unnoticed and unreported on anywhere other than local news websites.

This is not the first such incident in the area, in November two men armed with machetes forced their way into a house in Tolcarn Avenue, Fishermead where they threatened a family, including two teenage boys and a three-year-old girl, and demanded cash and jewellery.

Nobody has been arrested for either incident and police are not linking the two aggravated burglaries meaning they think that is a different gang of machete wielding blacks!

The residents association have made a bizarre statement which is an indication of just how far peopleâ??s expectations have sunk in modern Britain, they said: â??These sorts of things happen for a number of reasons and sadly these days it doesnâ??t take much.â??


I suggest the item in the picture, for all their penises.


Mandatory 12 gauge in every home.


The fabric of the society has been systematically destroyed over a number of years. The police and courts are a weak PC joke. They are dealing with hardened criminals from third world countries where the police can and will summarily execute people and just leave the body in the street. So there's just no respect for the law.

Then there is the nightmare of gun control rendering everyone defenseless and totally reliant upon a criminal justice system that is unable or unwilling to do it's job. The scary thing is there are people here in the US who think that is the model we should be emulating.


Too f*%king true!