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The Things That We Hate


Hip thrusts and lunges. I should be doung both.


I don’t like foam rolling, or stretching. Seems so demotivating to roll around on the ground for a good amount of time instead of just lifting.

Really not a big fan of direct ab work either.

Diet could be improved as well. Really lots of stuff, but I am currently improving at a decent rate.

I guess for me, I try to make small improvements that i can stick with, vs a complete overhaul that I would probably give up on.

Seems pretty daunting to move to a bodybuilder diet for example, but cutting out fried food although hard is not quite on the level of eating completely clean.


KFC 4 LYF. I ain’t cutting out nuthin


Getting sleep / sleep discipline has got to be my biggest one making me stuck on plateaus forever. No matter how tired I am or my surrounding, I never manage to get to bed in time.

Other than that, yes sufficient warmup, especially opening up the hips.

And then lastly, finding the time to workout and stick to my program for consistent progress. Especially when you have kids waiting at home who want to spend some time with you. Family obviously has priority, but lifting is also my passion and I believe it makes me an overall happier/balanced person… so bit balancing act…


What type of training do you do?


Weekend beer drinking proves to be one of my major set backs. I hate it, but I love it…


I normally train on a modified texas method program for powerlifting with 3 days a week. But I have not started a new cycle since November last year. Partly due to a lower back issue, but also other non-training specific circumstances. At the moment I only have time for 2 sessions a week, so I just do some standard 5x5 on deads and bench + variations and some accessory work.


Thought about cranking out a hypertrophy program push/pull split and cutting rest time to under 30s per set ?

You can maintain a lot of strength and still get some nice muscle progress.

Less than an hour a session if you pace it right.


ish… I sometimes do supersets on my accessory work, e.g. face pulls with lat pull-downs or other “lighter” movements with short rest pauses. But I have not yet done this for my main workout/lifts. I might consider this if I don’t find more time. The mrs has already summoned me to be home an hour earlier than I used to be on gym days… that makes a full volume day incl. proper warm-up nearly impossible…


I love it all !!!


I’m the same. I hate doing things like warming up and mobility but I do it because I know what’ll happen if I stop.

Training wise I do exactly what Greg tells me or why else would I pay him.

I eat what I need to because otherwise I won’t recover.