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The Things That We Hate

We’ve all heard “if you hate doing it you should probably do it”.

While I think that’s pretty accurate most of the time, on occasion it’s not. As with everything it depends.

What are the things you hate doing that you know you should be doing? Why aren’t you doing them? What would get you to do it?

For me it’s recovery and cardio. I never do them because I always act like I can put them off.

For other it’s abs, or reverse hypers, or actually training heavy.


Mobility work!



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@gorillamon @blabombard89 +1 from me

Hip thrust -because they are a pain in the ass to set up and look like an air humping idiot .

Frontsquats - these just suck specially for reps or paused (vomits).

I hear great things about these i tried them yet I can never get around actually implementing these seriously into my programming lol.

Getting sick.

Warming up. I am about as minimal as it gets. I used to just start my first set of the day on my bench at 100kg and squat at 120kg. I am a bit smarter about it now but not much haha

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Yeah warming up is terrible.

All of the above and sleeping earlier lol


I don’t really think there is anything I need to be doing and I’m not, but I hate front squats. Clean grip kills my wrists, I don’t think I could even do a clean grip anymore because my arms are too big. The crossed arm grip hurts my shoulders and just feels awkward as hell. I did them for a while, never felt like I got anything out of them and hated every moment, and did a bunch of SSB squats instead. I would try them with a front squat harness, but that’s it.

Also Bulgarian split squats. I haven’t done those in over a year, they are good for hypertrophy but they feel like absolute torture for some reason. Maybe it’s because I always do them when I’m already fatigued, but they seem like the most agonizing exercise imaginable.

I don’t train abs directly, not so much because I hate it but because it seems like a waste of time that could be better used squatting or deadlifting. If I believed that ab work would help me I would do it, just like I would leave teeth under my pillow if I believed in the tooth fairy. Sadly, there appears to be no truth to these myths.

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There’s really nothing that you hate doing that when pressed your time you’re just like “fuck it, it’ll be okay without” ?


Food prep.
Hitting your macros.

If so that’s impressive. I’ve gone through months of not missing anything I was supposed to be doing. Looked me best and was my strongest then. Life was a lot less stressful then too. Also hella drugs, lol.

I don’t mind food prep but I hate shopping and clean up. Sometimes that interferes with my food prep

Panda Express makes it so easy…

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Sometimes I don’t have anything to bring to work for my lunch so I end up eating fast food. But not fries and soft drinks, usually burgers or sometimes Subway (which I’m not a huge fan of). It’s kind of weird because my job is cooking, but the time I go for break I’m not done making dinner yet and often the food is not what I would want.

Overall, being stricter with food would pay off. Right not I’m just trying to maintain weight since I have a meet coming up in April but after that I need to get a bit leaner. The only macro I track is protein, I basically eyeball carbs and keep fat at a moderate level.

No calf work though. I naturally have somewhat large calves, SSB and high bar squats seem to make them grow too. I used to do some calf work before I got into PL but I wasn’t even sure if it was worth it back then.

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Lol I wasn’t serious with the calves.

So you’re a cook/chef ? I ate like shit when I was one back in highschool at a local grill. Was too easy to just eat whatever we were serving for sure.

Speaking of calves though. Geared squatting with wraps wrecks my calves.

Benching wrecks my calves.

I just did a hypertrophy program where i did calves 2-3 times a week for 4 weeks post meet. All my numbers are up. Potentially linked? Who knows. Will do more calves.

I haven’t been foam rolling or stretching that much lately but I been doing lots of bracing/rooting drills, and I do regular massage and chiropractic visits

I love sleep but I don’t do well at getting enough.

I hate doing abs. Especially by themselves

Squatting in wraps is like occlusion training for calves, they get all pumped up and it’s hard to pull my knee sleeves up afterwards. If you did a lot of volume in wraps (which would suck) I’m sure you would see some calf growth.

I hate drinking enough damn water. I swear I pee 30 times a day. I do it but hate it.