The Thickest Shake

Can anyone settle for sure what is the thickest protein shake out there? And I don’t mean MRP in two pounds of sugar. So far, the winner is the Dorian Yates stuff, but I’ve only tried a few. Thanks!

Mix any shake with less water and there you go. I like Grow! mixed that way. I just eat it with a spoon. Hmm, think I’ll go have one now!

I love thick shakes too. I like eating them with a spoon; they’re more filling and at least you feel you’re replacing a meal and not only drinking some stuff. The worse are Labrada; they’re watery…
I used to like Myoplex, but I stopped using them since they contain aspartame and hyd. oils. GROW! is good if you mix it in skim milk and leave it to “rest” for 10 min, it thickens more and you have a pudding-like consistency, which is excellent. I’m sticking to GROW! for the moment. I heard that HDT MRPs were thick too. I just tried MetRx Pro 50 which is thick but bloated me for hours… (if you blend it with milk you won’t be able to put anything in you belly for 2 days…)

yea the met-rx pro50 hands down. I actually started giving away packets of them after i did half the box, it seems like no matter how hard you try to dilute it, it is still thick, too thick.

Haven’t tried Dorian Yates stuff, but definitely it’s a toss up between Grow! and Myoplex…Labrada is definitely the worst as far as thickness. Hint: if you want a thicker shake, just add some sugar-free/fat-free pudding mix.

If u think the pro 5-0’s are bad try Met Rx apm 60 i wanted to use these for a protein fat meal on massive eating w some flax(the ingredients look awesome) but its too damn thick u feel like u massively cramp, Mike

Just add a bunch of ice to the blender if you want a thicker shake. it will thicken it the more you blend it just the same as when you make ice cream.

Anyone remember the Glutamine EFX, or Creatine EFX from Joe Weider a couple of years ago? Jeezus, those were the sweetest, nastiest tasting, thickest shakes ever!