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The Testosterone Magazine?

I’m wondering how I can subscribe to the T-Nation magazine if it exists?

They stopped producing the magazine after the first 8 issues a long time ago. There was talk of bringing it back again a year or two ago, but that never happened. In fact, I paid for it and never got a refund since they didn’t end up printing it again!

I have all the old issues except for issue #1. But you can usually find them for sale on ebay.

Man, I used to pick up the paper mag YEARS AGO. WHen I finally subscribed (after getting like 7 of them in book stores), I received a copy of the one I had just bought, a t-shirt (which I love),… and then they stopped putting them out. That was a long time ago, a real long time ago.


Having the paper magazine was terrific. It was through the magazine that I found this site. And yeah, it’s long gone and we’ve been told it isn’t coming back. What a shame.

Anybody still have any old copies? I gave mine away to friends because I wanted to introduce them to this place.

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I have a similar story also, way back in what was maybe 1998 or something i found a copy of first issue of Testosterone magazine.
After realizing TC was one of the writers and knowing him from MM2000 before it went mainstream i immediately bought it and all the issues after that.

On a side note it seems William Llewellyns Body Of Science magazine has a similar outlook to it as the Testosterone magazines had. But who know if its anywhere as good,never read any issues,just saw them in his BOS web site.

muscular development is all you need anyway…

joking aside we need the wolf back to poke at the muscle mags.


Funny, I was looking for the best bicep exercise when I stumbled on a thread on T-Nation.

Yeah, I vaguely remember the Magazine. I was just thinking about asking for a 'scription. Damn. I hope they bring it back again.