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The Testes 2010


I think its time to recap the year on TN.

Cast your votes for

Best Rookie
Most Improved
Funniest Quote
Troll Thread
Inspiring Poster
Inspiring Poster-Silver..for you old bastards
etc etc

And, as we all know, each year brings a "passing" of sorts to the members here. Take the time to pay your respects to those who post no longer with us.

podt links to threads for added awesomeness


"Testes", LOL. Great name.

I hereby nominated Stefanogym for best everything.


the guy who eats chocolate cake and monkey nuts for all awards...



DoveofWar08 combines being strong as hell with being incredibly helpful and encouraging. I don't know if that's the stuff we want to award, but he puts most 10ers to shame.

Funniest quote (not sure how accurately I remember it): "I would much rather have a tant on my forehead than a bar on my throat"


byukid for president


I don't have a lot experience with vampires, but I have hunted warewolves. I shot one once. But by the time I got to it, it had turned back into my neighbor's dog.


Nomination for the "Eat your fucking broccoli, you misinformed skank!" award for angriest nutritionist goes to Bricknyce.


If there was an award for "Most Helpful" I'd have to go with Meat. That dude has the patience and knowledge of a saint...


My vote for "Best Nutritional Advive for Any Situation" goes to..... None other than the bird man himself, TheBird, for his patented response of "eat more apples and almonds."

Apparently that solves all physique issues.

tweet tweet

Also, the bird has received a second nomination this year for the stupidest post signing of all time.


I would also like to make an official Testes nomination for our very own SickAbs for "Most Likely to be Brought Up on Statutory Rape Charges."


X 2


what about that pork scatchings guy?


I don't know what category celtics2022 would come under but he was crazier than a soup sandwich. That guy was pure bananas!

Remember his Professor X inspired photos LOL!

There's a fine line between genius and insanity... he gets my vote!


Troll Thread - anything by celtics.


Attydeb, Soulja, Doveofwar, Nikki



This was definitely the year of Celtics

with honorable mention to the "Are people here not trying very hard?" thread

Hungry4More pwn3d all this year, big weights and very lean. Also Waylanderxx leaning out was pretty cool.

Meat for sure is the most inspiring of the more experienced lifters. Deat is also someone I enjoyed watching this year, very open with BB focused progress. C_C has also been very helpful as usual.

Between Wormwoodtheory and Sickabs

honorable mention to BG, but I think that one's one of my more acquired tastes lol


celtics hands down for troll of the year! the "are people not trying hard here" guy was pretty good but it was only one thread, celtics trolled many threads to right into perfection! his px inspired photos, call out threads and micro weight training methods!


trav is right, nikki is a great rookie...so much so i forgot she was a rookie!


Between Wormwoodtheory and Sickabs

I second that nomination.


Just about everything Nards writes is hilarious, he should get a vote for the lulz:posts ratio testis.

And countingbeans gets my vote for most improved. He knows his stuff, walks the walk and often writes damn deep, thoughtful posts soaked in life experience. And sometimes makes us laugh by giving a friend the people's forehead.

Am14Go8 who eats monkey nuts is too advanced for GOMAD, so he sticks to GONAD.


Sorry, you should also be in one of the "most inspiring lifters" nomination lists with how many people follow your log, you're a beast