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The Tattoo Thread


I'm interested to see what kind of ink y'all have so let's see it!

I'm in the process of designing my first tattoo at the moment. I've had a few major surgeries on my shoulder and I'm looking to cover up the scars/get a bad to the bone tattoo. It should be pretty win-win for everybody.


I have between 10-12 planned ones. None put on me at the moment, but I have a lot planned.



I think I have part of one of mine in my hub under the photos.

My suggestion on tattoos, wait until you are older like mid to late 20's to start getting them. I know I had a different mindset when I was 20 when I got my first one and now when i'm 31. The one I got when I was 20 got covered up.


Pentagrams on hips

Planning an inverted cross above the cock


That's a pretty intricate tattoo. How long did that take to do/cost? And I've got at least a year until the most recent scar heals up enough to even think for real about covering it so I've got a ton of time to think about the long term.


if ever..... http://www.ssrn.co.uk/wp-content/gallery/armor-tattoo-shoulder/celtic_armor_tattoo_shoulder.jpg


It took about six two hour sittings. I think it was around $500 or so. My guy charged me a different price every time I went. I love color because I am so white, haha!


Good advice. I have 4 tattoos. I had my first one done in my mid-30s.


Kind of weird to get a St. Peter's Cross above your cock.


got an infinity symbol on he forearm, got a tree for my thigh planned next when i have the cash, kinda like tree trunk legs!


howd u design that? shit looks sick man, and yeah the colors came out really nice on that


I think part of getting a tattoo is the experience. This was coolest tattoo experience so far.




Bitches will be on their knees paying for their sins and whn they look up they'll beg for forgiveness

I'm saving souls


Cool, Hawaii? Fiji?




I have a few. I will post them if I can find a picture of what they look like, maybe.

Two are Coat of Arms.:

The other is a skull and cross bones with the letters T on the left side, F on the top, M on the right side, and M on the bottom. It's on my forearm.

The other is on my the superior part down the lateral aspect of my right shoulder, "audi Israhel Dominus Deus noster Dominus unus est diliges Dominum Deum tuum ex toto corde tuo et ex tota anima tua et ex tota fortitudine tea"

And, I recently got "Totus tuus ego sum, et omnia mea tua sunt." tattooed on a banner.

My next one will probably be, "Ecclesia Militans" along my collar line/collarbone.

All of it is in gray scale. I'm not a big fan of color.


My bro is going to france in 2 weeks, getting inked off the guy who did The Rock's he's called Po'oino.

He's getting a polynesian tattoo similar to the rocks but a different design. Guna take 3 days, 3-4 hours a days, around $1500


I just found some drawnings or pictures on the internet and told my artist what I wanted. He took the ideas and drew out his own collaboration and that is what came from it.


You must have big delts to be able to fit all that!