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The Sunday Comics: Anyone out there with something funny this morning?




Hey everyone, been following awhile…Great Forum! image image



Lol, nice. Thanks for sharing.


Reminds me of Kung Fu panda. Thanks, bro.


Motivational Monday: Don’t quit, Don’t wavier in whatever you are doing. Life beats on you everyday, get angry, fight back. Be the leader for your family, tribe, or unit .




Thought for the day: Some items of interest:

For women who carry. Thought this might be of interest:

Some everyday carry suggestions:

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Some active shooter information:



Thought for the day:

Victorious warriors win first then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win” - Sun Tzu

Well, this is the first time I have ever seen one of these, certainly looks interesting and I can see some possibilities. Curious if anyone has ever used one and would like to know how the back help up.



However it works it certainly helped his forearm vascularity.


Former teammate of mine actually invented that thing. I’ve never used one, but I’ve never heard anything bad about one. I like the idea of it due to how securely it connects to the frame, and more accuracy on weight loading versus sandbags - not to mention, sandbags always leak and you never seem to get all of the sand out of your ruck.


@idaho. The leaders I respected the most were ones that I saw as decent human beings as well as skilled at their trades.

And minor rant: badges and tabs are indicators one is a great leader. Just that. Indicators. I’d still follow my old BN S3 into Hell and back even if he wasn’t dual tabbed (Sapper and Ranger). And by the same token I know a peer of mine who’s Ranger tabbed but I wouldn’t trust him to have the integrity to judge an 8th grade science fair.


Thanks, small world you know the inventor. I hope he is successful in his business venture. Maybe, he could loan you one for a “journalistic evaluation”.


I agree. That is actually what they are: indicators. Having said that, someone who has the drive and ambition to acquire the necessary certifications or training, demonstrates at least a starting foundation. But, as the British say, “proof is in the pudding, mate”.


Thought for the day:

I will not have an open net access for the next 5 or 6 days. Train Hard. Live Strong. Watch your 6.


Stay safe brother.


Happy Valentine’s Day brethren. Got you a card. Stay dangerous.


Thought for the day: Being prepared, it didn’t just start.

Never walk away from your home ahead of your axe and sword.

You can’t feel a battle in your bones, or foresee a fight.”

The Hávamál (Viking book of knowledge),

circa 1000 A.D.


So not exactly tactical… but situational awareness. Went to a funeral for an older fellow in my extended family. He was a nice guy that fostered dozens of troubled kids while he and his first wife were together.

One of his adopted sons was there, with 4 filled in teardrop tattoos under one eye.

My BIL who’s a CO explained to me a few years ago that if the teardrop is empty you merely helped in the murder or witnessed it. The filled in tat means you did the stabbing. So this guy either murdered 4 people, wanted other cons to THINK he murdered 4 people… or he’s an idiot who picked stupid tattoos.

So while we’re doing all the introductions I shake his hand and despite my best efforts to be 100% chill and nice he seems rather cagey and nervous and won’t make eye contact during the handshake. Could’ve been the new place/people or maybe he’s always like that. Whatever.

After the funeral service there’s a meal at the church. He sticks with his group, no problems. Not that there would be any. I just noticed where he was and left the guy alone. My dad talked with him a bit.

We had ten or so kids running around as well. At one point 3 of them were missing (running around the church) and this dude goes out for a smoke break. At this point, for about 90 seconds I lost track of him and 3 nieces and nephews.

Found the kids in the choir loft throwing old hymnals at each other. Busted them and told them to get back to the meal.

Don’t know why I assumed murderer = pervert. Obviously no fool would try anything with dozens of adults around where everyone knows his identity. Just set me on edge.


People fly all kinds of flags for all kinds of reasons. I don’t think there’s anything wrong in taking notice and paying extra attention if you’ve got reason to believe they can pose a threat. Trust your gut. Gang tats. Prison tats. Street gang attire. Biker club/biker gang attire. Tactical clothing. MMA gym attire. Some legit, some just posing. Some good people, some not. You usually can’t tell at a glance, but you can at least glean that they want to be noticed for whatever flag they’re flying.

I’ve even taken to accepting “friends” requests from people I otherwise wouldn’t who I’m only acquainted with from bouncing, just to see what kinds of flags they fly on social media. Lots of flags that scream “I’m a dumbass” and, in more pleasant cases, “check out my cleavage” or “I’m single and probably a fun date”.