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Good discussion from everyone and I do have experience with 'Blue on Green killings". There probably is no absolute answer on what’s best to wear or have in your kit. Treco is correct, a smart killer will try to camouflage himself in the uniforms or dress of the locals. In the states I see a lot “tac-cool” guys wearing clothes that I normally wear in other countries. It just comes down to being aware and not trusting a single stranger until you can be sure of their motives.

After the Florida and Louisiana shootings this week, hell, always be ready.


Motivational Monday: _Semper Paratus.

Train Hard. Live Strong.

500 lb. bench press without legs. Much Respect.


Thought for the day:



Thought for the day(2).

For those who have spent time in foreign places, you know you live a lot “in your head”. I am not a very social person and only have about two “true” friends, a host of former associates and that’s about it. I spend a lot of time thinking about different topics, usually as way to excise my brain. I believe in training the brain as much as the body. Anyway, I have been thinking a lot about “the morality of life”, looking back and wondering about past personal decisions. I am not a religious man, something that has been burned out of me from the “war on terror”. Now, I don’t know whether my decisions actually have any undertone of morality. I know that I am not a predator who preys on the weak, but, the goal now seems only to hunt predators. Really don’t why I am doing it any more, for the common good or for me? HA, what a start to this day.

Anyone here struggle with “morality” during their time here on this Earth?

“Moral courage is the most valuable and usually the most absent characteristic in men.”–GEN George S. Patton

“Moral excellence comes about as a result of habit. We become just by doing just acts, temperate by doing temperate acts, brave by doing brave acts.”–Aristotle

“The true test of courage is not found on the field of battle…but rather in mundane offices where difficult, ethical decisions of command are made each day, which challenge the very fiber of our principles.”–GEN Matthew B. Ridgway.

“A man does what he must – in spite of personal consequences, in spite of obstacles and dangers and pressures – and that is the basis of all morality.”–John F. Kennedy


Personally, I am a religious guy, but it was after much debate and questioning over the years. Either way, I began questioning whether or not I was one of the “good guys” when I began working with former Sunni insurgents in Iraq.

I am sure you were familiar with the “Sons of Iraq,” as they were called in '08. Anyway, I realized that most of them were what we would call “patriots” if they were Americans. They weren’t suicide bombers or fundamentalists, they were citizens that were opposing a foreign power that overthrew what they felt was their legitimate government. Many, of course, later changed sides because of all the foreign fighters that were targeting civilians.

I guess I realized that I couldn’t hold it against them for at one time fighting US forces when I would do the same damn thing in their shoes. It took some time for me to process that these guys weren’t evil just because they were our enemy at one time.

For quite some time I went from seing the world as right and wrong to a big shade of grey. If some of my enemies weren’t evil then why was I fighting them? I realized that it was politicaI and nothing more. It took some time to realize I kind came back full circle in recent years, though.

For me, at least, I guess I decided that politics and religion aside, preying on the weak for any reason is evil. Refusing to stand up for and protect the innocent is cowardly. So basically, I feel that fuck whether it’s political, religious, or whatever, do it because it’s right damn thing to do.

I guess at the end of the day I feel I should be trying to do some good in the world even if I fuck it up in the process. I guess that’s why I’ve been trying to get back into LE. That and because I can’t sing or play the fucking piano.

I don’t know if any of that makes sense, but that’s the best way I can explain my sense of morality. If it doesn’t make sense, just pretend I was drunk. Just my $.02.

Stay safe, brother.


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Thank you, good sir.


I guess I don’t really struggle with the morality of my profession, but then I haven’t fired shots in anger in over 10 years, and I’ll further caveat that I don’t have confirmation hat I killed anyone - I can see where that would most likely change my line of thinking. I am here to do a job; if someone puts himself in my optics then so be it.

I do, however, question why I do it sometimes. Between mil and contract, I’ve been on the road for 15 years, missing all the birthdays and holidays that entails. I started the process of going back to school so I could do something else (PA school was the goal), but once I actually started that process (science prereqs, a bunch of classes not included in my BA) I started questioning whether that was something I wanted to do. For clarification, I had no issues with the kids in my classes, the ones I spoke to were all very friendly and politics never came up (something I was expecting after hearing the horror stories of others). I did question if 3+ years of school was something I wanted to do, and I also questioned if that was a job I wanted to do - purposely put myself in a female dominated profession with 20+ years of sarcasm and dark/inappropriate humor and see how long I lasted before being let go due to ‘sexual harassment’ or some such nonsense (as almost happened to a PA friend of mine).

The biggest part of that questioning was something that has been stuck in my head ever since I read it years ago (can’t remember where) -

“Every man fears the day he is no longer dangerous”

Not that putting on sneakers and a white coat would make me a pussy, just the thought of no longer wearing a gun as part of the everyday uniform after 15+ years and everything that comes with that. At the same time, I am ready to be home (most) nights, so I too am looking to get into law enforcement (fed).

Not to take this thread down a depressing path, just agreeing with you in my own way.

And if anyone is interested, the US Marshals Service will be having a hiring sometime this year.


I completely understand. I walked away from civilian law enforcement about 10 years ago due to some bad experiences at my second department. Never thought I would want to go back, but found myself thinking about it quite a bit. I was still in the guard, so the monthly training and occasional deployment kept me sane. Since retiring from the guard I find that just working a normal job driving me nuts. I know it’s insane, but that’s just how I feel.

Unfortunately, I haven’t had much luck getting back on the job. If that trend continues, I will probably work as a reserve with one of the local departments. Of course, I will have to come to terms with shaving off my beard then.


Damn straight. Well said and I appreciate your thoughts.

Well, me neither. I carry a fed badge, but, I am a “specialty idiot”, If it doesn’t have any connection to LE/Military/ Diplomatic Protection, I don’t know crap. I can barely scramble eggs.


That is so true and something that drives me every day, however, I am at least smart enough to know that you either age with a driving anger to stay relevant or you take the easy way out and eat a gun.

I appreciate your insights and I don’t find anything you and ryno76 wrote depressing. I asked for feedback and value the comments. Surely, we are not the only three on this forum who is or has gone through these issues. I hope both of you find some peace with your job decisions.


Thought for the day: Sentoguy

This is a little different. Does anyone on the forum have any connection with Sento? He was a long time poster and his last post was in August 2018. I have long considered him to be one of the most knowledgeable martial artists on this forum. His depth of historical and current martial arts techniques was vast. I know that he is a reality martial arts instructor in the Northeast. I miss his insight and knowledge. This is simply a wellness check. If someone knows him or has contact information, just let me know if he alive and well. Thanks.


I appreciate it, but my current employment situation is due to personal choice regarding family. I am limited at the moment due to being unwilling to relocate. That may change eventually, but for now I am a mile away from my parents who are in their early 80s.

As far as @Sentoguy, I checked his profile and it looks like he logged in on Jan 11. Hopefully, he’ll see this and drop in next time he’s around.


Thought for the day:



I just saw this joint report on First Responders’ PTSD. I thought many here would find it a good read. there is mention of a treatment centre for those affected, I wonder if this type of centre is ubiquitus, or demand could be made for more of them:


Thank you, a good read.


The Sunday Comics:

I am going to start something different today, called the Sunday Comics. I used to work with a contractor in southern Iraq, who always carried the Sunday comics in his day pack. When waiting on some junior diplomat to finish his tea, we would wait in our assigned area or vehicle. Usually these tea parties lasted about two hours and when things we clear, he would pull out his comics and read them, several times a week. “Bro, don’t you have that, memorized by now? “Yeah, but, it’s the only truth being written out there”

He was killed three days ago by a drunk driver. A good man, someone who you would go through a door with. Since life is a constant gamble, I am going to post (what I think) are funny stuff from the net. Now, I generally don’t like comics or movie comedies, but, sarcastic crap is fine by me.

So, wherever you are out there in internet land, if you cross something you think is funny during the week, save if for “your Sunday “ and start posting. I am going to try and keep mine tactical related, but, post anything you want to. Several years ago, I had a small E-book published that I wrote about some humorous crap I had been a part of doing street work. I may post a couple of stories later on. Just join in and let’s make the Sunday Comics a “world wide web” experience.

I am going to start with these three:





In case anyone didn’t immediately find the other parts, here goes.


Motivational Monday:

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then is not an act but a habit: Aristotle