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Good discussion.

For those interested, check into the new program the state of Florida Department of Education has initiated. They are putting an armed and trained SRO into (supposedly) every school. The county sheriffs departments are not longer the primary guardians. I have a contact who is going through the training now and as a former SES with Homeland, he knows what is good or bad. He stated the training is excellent, including three weeks of defensive tactics, 4 weeks of firearms, medical training, virtual reality kill houses, practical range kill houses, bio hazards, learning how to response to gas and structure fires, etc. Hopefully, this program will be adopted by other states.

I understand where you are coming from but, you have to plan the best you can because Murphy will always show up. You may be in battle and the person who is beside of you will have an AD due to adrenaline and shoot the guy next to you( happened to me). Yes, the cop responding may be so jacked up, he/she may shoot the first person they see with a weapon. It is up to dispatch to acquire as much information as possible from the original caller. They must try the best they can under severe circumstances to find out if a friendly is on the scene.

From personal experience, you never go into an armed encounter knowing everything you want to. You simply do the best you can, make the best decisions you can and engage.


Thought for the day:

“The only people I owe my loyalty to are those who never made me question theirs”



Can someone advise me on what the forum rules are concerning posting the name of another print magazine? The magazine is not a competitor of T-Nation, but, does include tactical training and workout information. There is an article that is well work discussing in this month’s issue. Thank you.


@Chris_Colucci could give you the low down there.


The name/discussion/details are no prob at all, like, “Jocko’s article in this month’s issue of Blade magazine that had some John Wick-inspired drills. Here’s one that targets the brachial artery… [copy/paste text]…”

Links to sites, blogs, or forums are a no-go, like, “… and here’s a workout from www.larynxgrabber.com.”


Thank you. The article in question is "The Demasculinization of America" by Ryan hoover, published in the winter 2019 edition of Skillset Magazine.

A couple of quotes from the article:

“effects of declining testosterone levels are contributing to an overall deterioration of the physical and emotional health of men”

“Almost 75 percent of men in America are at least minimally overweight”

" It’s a sad state of affairs when 71 percent of 18 to 24 year old males in this country cannot qualify to enter the United States Army as a private"–Secretary of Defense, Jim Mattis.

Well worth reading if you can locate a copy.


In those types of situations, you don’t typically have time to assemble the Avengers before making entry. You have to go with what you have available. If Murphy has really shown up, then likely as not the closest responding unit is going to be the kid who barely passed the academy.

NSW saying- we don’t rise to the occasion, we fall to our level of training.


This is a fair point, and having a new cop at the scene is better than not having one there at all.


Thought for the day: Love the way people protect your children:



Yep. You go with what you got. And here’s the the thing, there really aren’t that many cops with ‘experience’ in dealing with an active shooter. Pretty much whoever shows up, it’s going to be their first time.


I would propose exercises with local leo. And on vests- something less common than the green. I have 2 of them in my car, as does virtually anybody that works outside in virtually any capacity, and are easily gotten at many industrial safety suppliers or on line. Bright purple or red would be much less common to non existent.

Op sec. The only people that know who is designated to have a firearm are the ones that need to. The only people that know the color of the vest are the ones that need to,like Leo, first responders, other designated carriers, limited admin.


Old co-worker of mine, his church security team did something like that. They all wore t-shirts of the same color (red I think?) that said something innocuous, like “ask me for assistance”. Everyone thought it was a ‘greeter’ team thing, only people who knew they were security and packing were each other (obviously) and the church leadership. I always thought that was crafty, after all no one wants to walk into a church and see SECURITY shirts everywhere.


That is an excellent idea and as you stated, very crafty. I am going to be honest, going to steal this one and pass it on. Thanks.


Saturday Morning: Peet’s coffee, turkey jerky, an the square range.



That’s why we’re here brother


I think a Fire Department vest would be your best bet, It might buy you a few seconds to yell, “I’m an off duty Firefighter, I’m here to help!” which may be enough to keep you from getting shot by responding law enforcement. I have read that the Aurora Theater shooter was mistaken by responding law enforcement for SWAT. Most police have probably heard the same, and are on the look out for someone wearing a vest that says “SECURITY” or something.

If you bought the same vest that your local fire department wears, it would be familiar to the police. That moment of recognition may be all it takes to keep you from getting shot.
The downside is there you would be highly visible to the shooter. This one in particular is breakaway, so it comes in multiple pieces, so if you carried a lightweight plate carrier in your vehicle, you could rig it up to the outside of the carrier, so that it’s like one piece.


What keeps bad guys from using these same tactics to gain trustful entry? One of those shootings, the shooter tried to blend into vacating student population. And l am sure @idaho has some 1 degree from firsthand experience of bads gaining proximity using stolen uniforms.

I go back to my post above that the target (the campus) should be hardened.
To clarify, l am 100% onboard with voluntary armed staff, qualified of course.


I don’t think the ‘fire’ vest is a good idea personally. If I were responding to an active shooter and came across an armed guy wearing a fire-marked vest who tells me he’s a firefighter, my first thought would be ‘why would a firefighter be armed?’

I have to agree with Idaho, something that says ‘security’ is probably your best bet. Security guy with a gun makes more sense than a firefighter with a gun, and should at least buy you the extra seconds to identify yourself and/or drop your weapon - which as someone above mentioned, should be your first response once you know LEO is in the building. And God forbid any of us ever has to enter into that situation, be prepared to be treated like a suspect because that is exactly how you will be treated and rightfully so.


That’s where the operational security comes into play.

If it becomes known that Mr. X and Mrs. Y are the armed staff with purple vests, then the plan just became much less useful.

There are some people that just shouldn’t know things.


In a small community such as where I live, it probably wouldn’t be too difficult to do joint range days or some other kind of training between local police and any armed staff. That would serve two purposes, some common ground in training (which would further serve to give potential responders an idea of what they may be walking into, ‘warm fuzzy’ or whatever) and facial recognition… ‘Chick with a gun, wait, that’s Mrs. Johnson the math teacher’