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Thought for the day:

The rifle itself has no moral stature, since it has no will of its own. Naturally, it may be used by evil men for evil purposes, but there are more good men than evil, and while the latter cannot be persuaded to the path of righteousness by propaganda, they can certainly be corrected by good men with rifles.” Col. Jeff Cooper


Thought for the day: Local, State ,or Federal : to all my brothers and sisters, be safe, carry on the fight and watch their hands.



So this is making the rounds. Hard to watch. A lot of keyboard warriors trashing the female cop for her response. Some definite learning points in terms of positioning and attention during a traffic stop, handling of documents and radio coms, picking up pre-assault cues etc. It gave me really bad anxiety just watching her stand where she was before anything went wrong.

That said, once the gun comes out, at that range, a valid question can be asked about whether it makes sense to grapple try to control the muzzle or immediately try to move off line. I expect most trainers would probably say to move laterally toward the rear of the vehicle while drawing out and starting to pound rounds into that guy. She reacted purely on survival instinct and grabbed the gun. Then shitbag grabs her and she can’t disengage.

She stayed in the fight until her back up showed up and delivered the good news. It’s a win. For all the social media tough guys trashing her for the screaming and/or making it a gender thing, GFY.

That said, I believe there may have been things she could have done differently that would have improved the odds of surviving. I would think a higher level of physical fitness and skills training would have benefited both those cops that day. Learn from other people’s mistakes. You can’t make them all yourself.

Stay dangerous.


That was hard to watch. There are definitely legit criticisms of how she handled the stop prior to having a gun pointed at her and they pretty much dictated her reaction. She did the only thing she was capable of at that moment based on her physical position and mental state. But she did do something. IMO it’s a training issue including mental training. You might not be able to physically train tactics everyday but you can train/prepare yourself mentally everyday. She should have waited for backup.


Damn straight. She lived, so she won. The biggest critics never do anything, fuck them. Until you have been there you don’t know shit.


Good post and you are right she do something, something 99% of the population could not do, which is to fight back.

speaking of fighting back, good to see this, especially in a communist city like Chicago:



Thought for the day: A lesson learned.



After a training session with an instructor I admire and respect, we naturally started talking about weapons and the latest innovations in optics and calibers. He paused for a moment, then stated, “You know, I made serious error several weeks ago in a street situation, one that I was lucky to walk away from”. Now this is a retired former Tier-1, experienced instructor with a KM school, the guy is well trained, smart, and in shape.

Intrigued, I said, “how so?’ He said he had fallen into a “gun snob attitude”, one that had almost got him killed. He was walking back to his vehicle from his KM teaching and two perps walked up in the parking lot, pulled a handgun and demanded money. Looking pensive, he said to me, “you know my first thought? That asshole is pointing a HI-Point nine at me, what a piece of shit”. Now, my first thought should be on surviving, not his weapon choice. Having disdain for a weapons make does not make it any less dangerous, he said.

What happened, I said. Looking sheepish, “I gave them my “street roll”, around twenty dollars in ones. They said a few choice words and ran off”. “I was lucky”. Driving back to the hotel, I was struck by the story and realized I was guilty as he was. I remembered several times I was watching some dipshits and thinking that those AK’s looked like shit, actually dismissing them for some reason. You know, a dirty AK will kill you just as quick as a clean one.

I remembered taking cheap brands of revolvers and autos off drug dealers and thinking “what a piece of shit”. Stupid. Just stupid. A bullet doesn’t care whether it is fired from a Hi-Point or a Kimber, it will kill all the same. Don’t let “weapons snobbery” cause you let your guard down.


Thought for the day: Don’t be the person who buys a handgun, puts in the glove box and drives around thinking they are top shit. You decide to carry, then it is your responsibility to get training and train regularly. From tactical applications to fundamentals, from civil to criminal laws, deploying a handgun is no movie move. If you don’t want to invest in every aspect of gun responsibility, you would be wise to leave them alone.



Thought for the day(2). All my respect, sisters. What the fuck has happened to my country? What the hell have all of us been fighting for?



Both these young lady officers were 22 and both were gunned down in ambush style attacks yesterday.

Officer Corona was gunned down and ambushed after responding to a three vehicle crash in California. She just finished her training phases in December 2018.

Officer Payne was ambushed while leaving her house in uniform to start her shift at work in Louisiana. She graduated the academy in November 2018.

Yesterday was only the 10th day of 2019 and we already lost two young women who were gunned down but not as a result of a physical altercation or provoked incident but SIMPLY because of their chosen profession in which both became police officers in order to HELP others.

They were killed SIMPLY because people in society HATE the police no matter whether they know you or not.


Haven’t been on here as much the last few months. Took an extended r&r, did a semester at the local community college (chemistry can suck my dick). Finally got caught up on the TL goings-on. Lots of good stuff, as usual - Idaho puts out some great stuff and there have been some good discussions.

Not much to add, but wanted to throw this out there for the EDC guys- check out canklekits.com. It is a small concealable blow out kit worn around your ankle and thus concealed by your pants. I have no connection with the company, other than I think one of our mobile guys created it, and i’m thinking about buying one or two.

Fairly small neoprene wrap around, comes loaded or empty, whichever you order. Loaded is 100 bones IIRC.


Good to see you back, thanks for the info, I will check it out today.


Saturday Morning, 0437: Black Rifle Coffee with a touch of honey.



Deep thoughts:

Hard times make hard men.
Hard men make soft times.
Soft times make soft men.
Soft men make hard times.


Meant to ask, what’re your thoughts on leaving a gun in your vehicle? Such as leaving a pistol in one of those under-steering column holsters, or the mythical trunk gun in a backpack of some sort?

I like the ‘idea’ of each - the pistol because it would be readily available from the drivers seat (my IWB 3:30 pistol being rather inaccessible at that point), and the trunk gun in a bag for GP (except somewhere in the passenger compartment rather than the actual trunk).

However, i don’t like the idea of leaving a firearm (especially a loaded one) unattended in a parked vehicle. Some punk does a smash and grab for the stereo, and takes the pistol (in plain view) or backpack as a target of opportunity.



I keep a cheap pistol in my truck most of the time. I have a bench seat that sits 3 in front and the middle seat folds down to serve as a center console. My pistol just sits underneath it. It doesn’t shift around at all. You have to fold that console up to see it but I can still reach it with one-hand while I’m driving without folding the console up. It isn’t the fastest or most instinctive of draws, but it’s not out in the open asking to be stolen, or sitting in a bag that’s asking to be stolen. If it is stolen, I’m out about 300 bucks.


If I’m not in physical control/close proximity to my firearm, it gets secured. In my state there are criminal penalties associated with accessible firearms. Never mind the personal moral issues if my unattended weapon gets taken/found and a tragedy occurs. Add in discovery by a LE on a traffic…there’s a whole level of unneeded stress.

If you are talking about having a more accessible gun during a specific work assignment (surveillance, high risk transport, etc); OK. It still doesn’t get left unsecured if unattended.


Given that you “can’t” take guns into certain places like schools or the post office, you will have to accept leaving it in a parked vehicle if you won’t leave it at home.


Can you move the pistol from the holster to the locked glove compartment before you get out of the car?


Was referring to a more accessible gun in general, really. But those were other concerns, the moral and legal implications of my stolen piece being used in a shooting. Not worried about the LEO finding it during traffic stop, at least not in my home state. I have a CC permit, so no issue there.


Definitely an option, assuming you have a vehicle with a lockable glove box (some don’t). Also a reason i’ve been considering putting a steel locking Tuffy box in the old Bronco I’m restoring. The trunk gun thing is still a thought though, along with how to secure it if need be. I suppose if the bag were small enough (depends on what’s in it obviously), you could just take it with when you get out. Definitely wouldn’t leave it in there overnight in the driveway either, just because. I live in a pretty quiet little town, but every now and then we’ll have an uptick in people going through neighborhoods getting into every unlocked car they find and taking anything left in there - usually just spare change, but still.