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The Tactical Life


I’m looking at a used Hoyt Tiburon 45# when I get back to civilization this weekend.

Heard of this bow? Guy wants $600 Canuck bucks for it ($450 USD).


Why thank you, to quote our Canadian bretheren.


Yes, I have. That is a little steep for a used bow that is not custom made. You can go to Lancaster archery and check out the international form fitting bows. You can pick your riser, limbs, and length for around that price. The best thing about this: you invest in one riser and if you want to have a more powerful set of limbs in the future, just buy the limbs. If you want long bow limbs, buy them, if you want to change the length of the bow, just buy a longer set of limbs.

I own two of the risers and four sets of limbs. Even though I own a dozen custom made recurves, these are becoming my go to bows.


In 2006 I was on a PSD team assigned to a General in Baghdad. He was scheduled to give a speech to some Iraqi Generals on the issue of supplying the troops in the AOR… The first thing he said was :Gentlemen, if logistics were easy, they would call it tactics"

Good information, thanks for the post.


Thought for the day: If you live in the tactical world, Murphy is always waiting to fuck your day up. Yesterday, in a range class with very experienced people, a person had an AD and shot themselves with a 9mm. The bullet entered around the right side of the knee, traveled down the outside of the calf and out the foot. One lapse in judgement and you are fucked for 6 months to year.

I have preached this since I started this thread. Get some elementary medical training and carry some type of medical kit with you wherever you go. Even something as small has this, is better than nothing.


@idaho Since you’re into traditional archery thought you’d enjoy this guy. I know it’s circus shooting and not “traditional” but it’s damn impressive imho.


It’s funny you mention that. Last night I got into some reading and the ILF risers and limbs went on my list. I’m just trying to decide on a riser. I’m looking for a used riser to come up on Archery Talk.

What risers do you own? I’ve been looking at the Titan II or III, Gillo Ghost, and Hoyt Satori. I’m not sure if I need this level of quality but I subscribe to the “buy once, cry once” philosophy.


Saw this today.

Main points:
-don’t pull a gun unless you can keep it
-don’t pull a gun unless you are going to use it
-you might not be in the same fight as the other guy
-never underestimate someone (it didn’t look like his first time at the rodeo).

Nothing new to the people here I’m sure.


In a rather small way I followed my own advice (Re: The Fuck you Bitch concept mentioned near the end).

Last night/this morning I got an early morning/late night call into work and spent damned near four hours sorting out an issue that had cropped up for the night shift crew. Though my job is behind a desk, some of my working hours can be on an ‘on call basis’. I got maybe four hours sleep total last night/this morning due to near constant radio calls.

After work today I could’ve gone home and just lazed around. I recalled thinking of that same meme (“PT: Ain’t Nobody Got Time for That”) and thought ‘Fuck you bitch!’ and went to the gym anyway sorting out power snatches, snatch grip deadlifts (11 reps at 285 lbs), and a short session of pummeling the heavy bag…


I love the feeling of accomplishment when the neighbour’s wake me up after 6 hours of sleep and I succeed at focusing on nothing but achieving a good exercise session. It lets me know they didn’t defeat me and that I won’t let a lousy excuse stand in the way of success.

Yesterday and today I didn’t exercise because of a lingering little frog in my throat (but it is not a gay frog!) and didn’t want the consequence of diminishing returns if I worked through it.


Do they not say that there is a fine line between hard and foolhardy?


I can’t remember if I ever heard that one, but it makes sense.


Thank you, would be nice to be that good.


All those are good. I have the TradTech Titan 11 and the Tradtech Trident. 3Rivers Archery markets their own brand, the DAS series, which is based on the original inventors model. Almost all custom bowyers make a version now, but, you will pay double compared to factory produced risers and limbs.


I am with you. You can never train hard enough for a job that can kill you. Also, if I think about being less than motivated I just remember the first time I went to the wounded warrior games. I would be ashamed to miss a workout, I still have two arms and legs.


Yes, dealing with a injury is one thing, dealing with a case of the lazy is another. There is always someone, some where , training to kill you. What drives us to train is always different, but, be driven to train.


Thought for the day: National Day of Mourning for President George H. Bush

WW11 Vet, Warrior, Patriot, Husband, Father, a Leader. All my respect.




Thought for the day: Find the best place to fight and fight from there.

I don’t know if this will play or not, but, if it doesn’t go to Mike Pannone’s Instagram page ( CTT solutions) and listen to his last post.


How did you find Mountain Athlete? I’m looking at doing their LE specific programming. Makes sense to me. Workouts are a bit long, but doable.


Honestly not too bad. They have the’Busy Operator’ programs (3x 6 week courses) for the military side. I can’t speak for the Law Enforcement Athlete side as I only used the Mountain and Military Athlete sides of his programming.